A Personal Growth Lesson Learned From BB and Glitter – What Strikes Us?

I was married to Leon 20 years ago, and became a stepmother with a 9 year old boy and a 12 year old girl. My own children were older – one in college and one about going to college. When this little 9 year old boy came to visit, he came out with a BB gun and other varied items that seemed to be supervised. He finally came to live with us when he was 16. Now he is married and living close. Here's a thing … 20 years left and we still find BB in the house from time to time. Small wild BB that has survived two complete remodeling, including getting rid of carpet and installing tile and laminate flooring. I have not seen one for many years now, but I do not doubt there's at least one lurking somewhere. It's a family joke. We have a prize for those who find BB.

Now I'll tell you about brilliance. I love carpeting and then I work at home consists of my wardrobe primarily of quilts and jeans in winter and shorts in summer. Dressing means it's wearing a beautiful blanket. Everywhere I travel, I bought a carpet and a local cookbook. My daughter recently bought me a lovely purple blanket with a front design – with glitter – dress up

I recently held this new purple blanket with glitter for karaoke tonight on Friday night (see my blog post titled "Friday Night Fantasy" ). I took a shower the next day and went to go out. I did not have a purple ballet shirt. People kept looking at me as funny, and finally my marriage said to me: "Why are you so sparkly?" Seems like a luminous light from the night before I had attached – it was in my hair, on my face and even on my arms. Somehow, glitteringly stuck to me, even through the shower. Now, a week later, I've been glittering all over the house – in the Oriental carpets, the kitchens and in my office. I'm almost afraid to wash the shirt for fear that the spark will come in the washing machine and we have sparkly underwear.

So what do these two stories have in common? I like BB and the glimpse of what we allow in our lives. We must take care because sometimes it's hard to get rid of it. What lets you enter and hide like lost BB in your life? Watch – it might just expire in full view sooner or later. Of course, the opposite is true – we can develop a good routine that will stand around like brilliance.

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