90 Day Personal Growth Boot Camp: Day 45 – Intersection

Earl Nightingale said the majority is always wrong, especially when it comes to money. He shared it regardless of your goal if you did not know the correct policy to use, you could reduce it by looking at how everyone else went and then moving in the opposite direction.

It takes to see what others can not see and believe what others have given up. That means taking the possibility that many simply will not take fear.

Think about Agnes history. A wealthy teacher who lived in a comfortable neighborhood, one day she heard a cry that changed her life forever. Drove home in excess of flow in town, she heard cry for help from the swimming pool. Many would have rejected the lawsuit, Agnes chose to investigate.

What she found was a woman to die. She ran her to the hospital, just to turn away. She took her to another hospital in another town, only to return. It turned out that both places found the woman was not worth helping. At this point, many would have given up, make sure they did all they could do.

Agnes, however, did not give up. She took the woman home and cared for her in her last few days. Then she decided she would do everything possible to ensure that everyone no matter how far out of the community they found themselves worthy of treatment with dignity. The world would recognize her as Teresa's mother when she walked away from teaching her job to live her life as a doctor.

We have all the intersections in our lives as ways lie. Sometimes the best way to take what nobody else is brave enough to go down.

Consider Nightingale's belief that the majority is always wrong. One reason is that so often people take the path of the least resistance. Anthony Robbins asks for live seminars, "How many surprising?" Almost every hand goes up. He continues, "Bull! You're as surprised as you want, those you do not want you to call a problem."

As he continues, we need the problems, because that's when we face challenges we grow. So when the problem arises, it's a chance for us to meet, not hide or ignore it.

So do not pass the intersection. The crosses require that a decision will also require a new part of you to develop. That's how growth grows, hug it!


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