5 simple steps to write a book

Authors like Donald Trump, Martha Stewart, John Maxwell and others published books based on their experiences, examples of life, victory and struggle among others. Facts say, stories sell. Sharing life experiences is easier because they come in. They are yours. When you start sharing the experiences of life, your book will be much easier to do.

Making a book is much easier than you think. Making a book almost automatically grows you in a specialist position. A book is nothing but a series of accounts held together by the theme. It does not have to be long and you probably have more stuff than you think. I love reading books, especially biographies and books about sports and business. However, no matter what the book is about, these five things are likely to be:

1. Mistakes
Nobody is perfect. Everyone makes a mistake and we can easily report them.

2. Obstacles
Some obstacles are already present; some we put in our own ways. But this life and we must overcome them.

3. Lessons Learned
The mistakes we make and the obstacles we must overcome teach us lessons we need to learn.

4. Experience
Your experience is unique and invaluable. There is no substitute for them.

5. Success Stories
Success brings everything together. While success is great, we want to read about the battle to get there. This gives us confidence that we can do that too.

You already have these things in your heart. Now you just have to put them on paper and sooner or later you have your book. It's so easy.


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