5 Essential Properties in Leading Others

Leading others bring new demands to individuals and demand that they have or develop new talents and attributes. People are often introduced to posts where they have to lead others because they were high performers to do job-related tasks. Yet leading people need different skills from doing something themselves. So what are the 5 essentials of successful leading others?

Provide Feedback

The first essential thing in leading others is to learn how to provide feedback. People in organizations seek feedback, praise and recognition for what they are doing to help you succeed. A big part of our lives is absent in the workplace and we all want to feel comfortable. If you had to evaluate yourself on Grades 1-10 in terms of providing feedback (10 would be great) what rating would you give? Providing feedback takes little or no time, costs nothing and is one of the biggest participants in happy workforce and staff retention.

Listening and Participation

An amazing style where people were told what to do and continue with it will not work in the modern business world. People want to participate in promoting key issues and believe that these views have been heard. As a leader, you clearly need to make the final decision. The chances are that not everyone will accept the decision but if you have taken the time to listen to and participate in the decision-making process, they are more likely to reach the decision you make.

Getting Balance

One of the challenges of leading others is to balance between entrusting others and managing progress. Excessive participation could cause others or the team to think that you do not trust them. Too little participation may mean you find out late that things are not okay and the deadlines must be missed. Make the time to shorten others, check their understanding and agree to review options is a simple yet effective way to balance.

Set goals

In leading others it is important to set clear goals. Leaders sometimes fall into the trap of believing that a long job description with great detail about what the employee needs to do is serve. In addition to this, you can set about 6 main goals for each individual. These goals should be selective, measurable, achievable, results based and temporary.

Training and Development

When you lead others, you need to make time and commit to training people. So often, employers make a lot of work when it comes to hiring people, but not focusing on time and / or money in training and development of people. As a leader, you need to make time to help people grow and become better in what they do.

Leading others is important for the company's performance. You could already work outstanding in this field. If you are challenged, stick to this high-grade level. If you are still developing as a leader, where do you need to focus on moving to excellent performance?


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