3 Personal growth activities

There are those who live their lives without thought. They stand up, do what they do to make money, go home and watch TV and then go to bed. The same routine is followed for at least five days from the week. Then there are those who get tired of a habit that seems to have no purpose in life. They want to discover more about themselves so that they can do good things. They may not know what these great things are, but they know they want to do something that matters.

Here are three exercises that can help you discover more about yourself.

What's in your life is important to you

Make a list of everything in your life. Have people, activities and possessions. Put them in priority order. What one of these lists must you have? Another way the phrase is: "If I had this, whatever this is and nothing else on this list, I would be fine, what would it be?"

When you have prioritized your list, ask yourself one final question, "If I did not even know what I wrote most importantly, what would life be like to me?"

What do you need in your life

Now that you have the most important thing for you, what's missing in your life that you want? This could be a relationship, job or something else. If you come up with more than one, ask yourself: "If I just had one of these, who would I most like?" Does this matter take place in the first place in the previous exercise?

What are your grants

Choose the activity you do well. It could be done with your job, hobby, daily job or relationship. Now sign up for all the features that make you comfortable with what you do. This is not a skill you have learned or knowledge that you have. It might be what makes you good at these skills or what helps you gain knowledge. Do this on three different activities. When you've finished, call the features that appear on more than one list.

Take a few minutes to see what you've done. Have you learned something about your life? Is there anything there? Is there anything that makes you happy?

If your life is not in line with what matters to you, then you have some changes. For example, if a family is most important, but you spend a little time with them, you will be happier if you change where you spend your time. If you do not use your strength, find ways you can. If you need something in your life that is more important than what you have, it's time to blow you out and get started.


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