Your career owner: Personal growth and development

Fifty years ago, if you started a career with one company, you probably were with that company all the way to retirement. You did not have to worry about developing yourself to pass your career because as long as you did your job you have a job.

These days are long, long gone. There is no such thing as a lifetime job anymore, you must constantly grow and develop to be competitive in a modern workplace. Clever experts know that personal growth and development lead to so-called soft skills that are in high demand. Companies are not just looking for employees, mentors and managers; They are looking for leaders, team members and people who can build strong human relationships.

What do I have to do?

If you want to arm yourself with these desirable talents, you must take responsibility for your career. Motivation is the key to learning, growing and making you attractive to employers.

Personal growth and development aid should generally be divided into four categories. They are:

1 Knowledge

2 Leadership

3 Responsibility

4 Advice

We will look at each of them again.


Grow your own thirst for knowledge. This means continually looking for opportunities to learn about something that will add to your knowledge base. Take management or business classes, organize internship with leaders you admire, study foreign languages ​​or pursue MBA.

Check with your employer about the plans available to support your knowledge. Many companies offer teaching assistance, guiding programs, vocational training and other opportunities to help employees increase their mind.


Leadership is more than just a popular buzzword in the business world; It is one of the most important features that you can develop in yourself. Companies understand that in the competitive world, they need to hire people who can encourage, motivate and lead their team to better performance.

Search for opportunities to develop and practice your leadership skills. Volunteer to serve in a committee of your professional community, organize community projects or act as a mentor. Make sure that these activities are visible to others so that they see you in the lead role and trust you in this area.


Really look for ways to increase the warranty that is part of your job description. Offer ideas or suggestions to improve your business and then lead a project to test those ideas or step up to manage a corporate agreement. When you show that you are interested in personal growth and development, you will be a very valuable part of the company.

However, this does not mean that you should run on peers, universities or employees. Be happy and angry, but not blind to ambition or self.


This last category may be challenging because it requires you to spell yourself. Instead of sitting back and waiting for a notification, take a lead in the company and talk about how you can contribute to the organization. Show that you are obligated to add by requesting feedback and apply information about your communications with your managers and employees.

When using tact and politics to discuss your success, you are more likely to be known and known as an individual with a strong future growth of men.


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