What is personal growth?

At birth we were not much more than pure decision and pure possibility. We were not so long for a long time. After three years of age, parental effects already laid the foundation for what we would become. Some scientists argue that eighty percent of our character is already defined while we are still infants.

As a youth, education, peer pressure and social impact had a major impact on the soul, and for all practical purposes, it was time to shape the person we were when we got into the labor force.

Until this time, most of our personal interest rates were almost exclusively due to external influences and individual circumstances. We did not really have the maturity to define exactly the person we want to become and most of the question never came up.

The fact is that most people believe we are who we are and there is not much we can do about it. It is generally acknowledged that we can gain knowledge and experience, but changing who we are basically is an impossible task.

It is obvious that maintaining that thought will significantly reduce the likelihood of self-growth or personal fulfillment. Self-growth requires conscious and diligent endeavors, something that will not even be fatalist, subject to the fact that we are who we are and there is little or nothing that can be done about it.

On the other hand, those who are willing to explore the potential to increase who they are and to personalize their image to fulfill their real potential.

Carl Jung tells us that personal growth or individual as he calls it, is aware of the realization of our true self. In other words, personal growth is a conscious pursuit of discovering and mobilizing all of our innate resources and abilities. To put it into even simpler terms, it's really trying to become all we can be.

Actual personal growth is an active process and not idle. That is, there has to be a direct effort and not one that remains in caprices and whims situations. We grow by understanding that we are much more than we already show and by expressing our will to become all we could be.

Self-growth comes through knowledge and experience. We grow by gathering information and by taking care of the circumstances and circumstances we had never encountered before.

It's a lifelong process that has no limits except the limits we apply to ourselves. Scientists tell us that the brain is basically unlimited, which means we are only limited to self-growth because of lack of faith or lack of necessary efforts.

However, if personal growth is unlimited, its main goal is not. The actual symptoms of growth are to acquire skin that we are happy with. It's good to be who we are, are well adapted to our environment and have the feeling that life is good.

All knowledge and expertise in the world are useless without creating welfare, inner peace and general satisfaction, which is our normal privilege. The gift was carefully placed in the heart and soul at birth. It is our responsibility to find the key that will enable us to enjoy the gift and how this key is found with personal interest rates.

We have limited power when it comes to changing the world but we have everything we need to transform those we are so that we can develop in harmony and harmony with this world and thus find happiness.


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