What does personal growth mean for you?

Everyone defines personal interest on their own terms. It's amazing how many people refer to it as a journey, but others look at it as a trend.

A group of individuals and industry leaders has richly shared what personal growth means them. There is so much wisdom in each one of their statements – rich experience in life that helps us understand who we are and why we are here.

Here are some of them:

"Personal growth is pursuing positive activity, experience and education: the process expands consciousness and opens your potential far beyond your perceptions and boundaries." ~ Kathryn Arnold ~

"… Continuous review of what is and does not work in your life and exploring new ways to achieve an adequate life that consists of health, wealth, love and personal self-esteem." ~ Matthew Britt ~

"We live, and if we're not growing, we're a thing. Make sure you're growing! Living and learning for growth is the secret to life." ~ Debbie Hoogestraat ~

"The will and ability to look at life's circumstances and keep informed choices is strengthening.
can learn new ways to succeed every day. The essence of the matter is growth and change." ~ Eric Turiansky ~

"Discovering who we are is a lifelong quest. The process extends to spiritual, emotional, and subjective factors." ~ Monika Zands. ~

"The study of self is both internal and external experience. The subject of lessons we learn along the way shows us how to break practices and patterns so that we expand from what we consider accessible or possible in our lives. "~ Lee Lam ~

" Creating the perfect means the ability to open up the possibility that you are capable of more than you are doing now. yourself and knowing that there is more about you that you have not developed yet
. "~ Korby Waters ~

Personal growth is about possibilities, focusing on what you want and living your full potential. Private growth is ongoing by being generally understood and recognized in society. Many of us benefit from years, but some of us may be learning the benefits of personal growth for the first time. I beg you to start exploring what personal growth means for you as you like making it a living.


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