Travel and personal growth

Set in the 1960s, the new Pan Am ABC drama series brings to life, glamor of air travels, beautiful airplanes and the possibilities of adventure and exploration of the big world in which we live. My husband and I took one of the last flight on Pan Am in September 1991 from the JFK airport to San Francisco before it collapsed and closed on December 4, 1991.

Airlines come and go, Pan Am and Trans World Airlines have long gone. .. but we are still traveling. Today's air travel is so different from yesteryear. For those traveling in 2001 … flight will never be the same.

Today, more than ever, even with the economy, airports are still full of passengers and pleasure boats are sold out … we are still traveling …

The travel company in the US has interesting figures for the tourism industry . Every minute in the US, USD 1.4 million is in the travel industry, and the top 5 interest rate markets for visitors in the coming years are from BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and South Korea with Chinese leaders.

1 of 9 jobs in the United States depend on tourism and by 2020, the country is planning to create 1.3 million jobs by increasing visitors to the United States. It will be one of the ways to have economic incentives.

Apart from shopping, dining, sightseeing, visiting historic sites and amusement / theme parks (these are the main reasons why travelers come to the United States) – why do we travel?

I think travel experience contributes to our personal growth. Let us look at it:

According to the article at, personal growth or self-improvement leads to self-directed reforms – economically, intellectually or emotionally – usually with a basic psychological and spiritual basis.

Here are 5 different areas of our lives that have changed due to tourist experience:

Travel improves our palette: Other than rice, beans and chicken, we travel to the diet of this world. For some adventurous eaters, the journey will make us move from our usual talents of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

There are crepes in Paris for lunch. My kids had no idea of ​​different types of crepes … all they knew was the ones they received from the International House of Pancakes. After a trip to Paris, they learned to make candy crepes au jambon et fromage and sweet version crepes au chocolates with nutella spread.

It also helps them to add variety to the diet and try new things. Most cultures thank guests for eating food. It is a sign of dirt to reject food and not eat it.

Travel helps us respect food in all cultures.

Travel adds our gratitude to diversity in religion and culture: Before we travel, all information from books and the internet. Travel takes us to places that have different religions. For example, Malaysia is a Muslim country. About 5 in the morning, the lunch started to spread the breakfast town in the neighborhood without fail and 4 times throughout the day. You see most Muslim women who have a headscarf and wear a long skirt and long shirts to cover their body.

It helps us to receive different cultures and religions … there are Muslims, Buddhists, Christians, and Hindi all living together in the same neighborhood. Traveling helps us evaluate freedom of worship in the United States.

Travel improves our language skills and helps us learn a new language: According to, the Bible has been translated into 2,297 languages. There are thousands of languages ​​and dialects around the world. Imagine what we can learn through the trip. Most Europeans speak more than one language.

Traveling in different countries allow my children to speak English spoken in different commas … but they are all speak English. They are different in Singapore, Australia, England, and even Tennessee.

Having written and spoken knowledge in more than one language gives us more benefits in the business world and more job opportunities.

Travel improves our understanding of people around the world: The world is done differently. Some of us live in dry lands with almost any vegetation, some of them surrounded by rice and some are in a big metropolis like Sao Paulo or New York City. With diverse countries, there are diverse economic differences … some live in a modern developed country and some are still using family motorcycles with 5 family members on it.

Traveling to Managua, Nicaragua, helped my daughter understand the needs beyond her comfort. Going to the deeper Eco Resort in North Costa Rica helped me assess street lights in the US.

We are beings of habits … what we are not affected, we will not know or feel lost. For example, to Costa Rica that lights outside the street … going to the dark is normal. They will not feel insecure in the dark. They are used to the environment. But one like me, who is used to street lights, did not seem to walk in the dark.

Travel Improves Our Understanding of Our Earthly Property: When we see that many people have little to live we understand the amount we have. Travel has led me to live a lifestyle that is not cluttered and thanks to minimal possessions.

After all, we either choose to buy more stuff or choose to have the money to travel. Selected in life. For us, we chose travel experience as part of our personal growth and education for our children.

Mark Twain wrote a travel agency in the 1860s called Innocents Abroad, account of his trip to Europe and Holy Land. He cited, Travel is fatal for prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindset, and many of our people need it a lot on these accounts …. (you must read the rest of the knowledge in the Twain book).


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