The value of personal growth

We all strive to be, do and have more things, but most of us simply do not live up to the results we want. If we want to be happier in life, achieve all our goals and become more successful, we must first work better on us than we do in our work or recreation.

What we do is more important than what we get. Rather than thinking about what we want, we should think about what we are becoming. Who we directly influence what we get in life. What we have attracted in our lives today is because we were yesterday.

The mind is a powerful thing. If we surround ourselves with poor and negative people, we will become – if we are not already feeling bad and negative for ourselves. If we surround ourselves with rich and positive people, we will also become richer and more positive. Before we have to understand ourselves from those who do not want to grow up and find and connect those who do. This is a precious but not an easy lesson we have to learn. This could also affect our friends and family who have a major impact on us, but we must be certain if we want to succeed.

Many time and money are spent on how they look; Their hair, taste, clothes, body and less time are spent on what they do inside. Happiness should never measure what we have physical or how we look.

Investing in your personal interest rate is priceless and so important. We must never stop learning and never stop improving ourselves. The change is our greatest ally, but so many pass it. We can change but only if we want. It's a matter of choice. We need to rearrange our minds and adopt a new pattern of thought, feeling and behavior, and immediately apply new and rewarding methods we learn from reading positive books, CDs, magazines, etc.

We have all been given the greatest power in the world and there is power to choose. Our attitude is the only thing that keeps either us or moving on. We have the key and it's us when we lock or open the door to succeed.


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