The Quest for Personal Growth and Self Employed

Life never stops. It is either on the path of growth or on the decreasing path of impending extinction. As a human, it understands us with two options; We can let nature and external circumstances follow their natural course or we can pursue a search for personal growth and self-esteem.

We are never too old to grow and grow. What character has taken away with respect to physical integrity, has given back to the levels of experience and development. The playing field may have changed but opportunities and opportunities for growth have not been reduced.

When we fire, our bag equipment is better equipped, our benchmark is rich and the testlight is a source of damage and uncertainty. With litigation there are opportunities.

Personal growth is primarily a state of mind. The aunt's mind will find learning and growing lessons left in the flower blossom, on snow-pressure or in tile computers. With the correct state of mind is all learning and growing lesson.

If knowledge is growth and automation, performance is expressed. Knowledge without excretion is offensive. Knowing without using has no effect on the interest rate process. Wisdom without input and expression is like a song that no one hears. Useless.

Personal growth also requires control over belief over fear. Faith contributes to the necessary expression of life; fear contributes to his archenemy, paralysis. Faith gives life the oxygen necessary to live and expand. Fear is the cold wind that freezes and lays the sparkle that is necessary for growth and expansion.

Faith in the future encourages and encourages. It clears doubts and encourages action. It runs for a rough time and gives wings when sailing is smooth. Faith is fuel performance and motor self-knowledge. By faith, everything is possible, without life being nothing but a struggle to survive. There is a struggle that can only end with potential failure.

Life and growth also require the stimulating effect of the wind on changes. They need to experience the diversity of the unknown and the input of new circumstances and circumstances. Growth and wisdom are the fruits of the experience. Nothing can grow invalid. When the juice has been collected from experience, someone else has to provide new energy and inspiration.

Automation requires demand and different challenges. Some of these challenges are happy with life itself. Others are self-created. Both types of serving purposes than the latter are the best sources of input and wisdom.

To grow, we need to kill dragons, climb mountains and sail unscathed seas. That is where our resources are taxed to the limit; where true growth is encouraged and new and invisible insights flourish. Those self-esteem challenges are the perfect fertilizer needed to achieve our full potential.

We are working in process and as long as we continue as such, we are in growth. As soon as we decide to stop driving and start camping, we are in a lot of trouble. The status quo is not an option. Either grow we or we go


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