The pros and cons of the goals in your personal interest rates

My understanding is the goal of the future that we will achieve. They are divided into long-term and short-term goals. To me and many to me, grants the opportunity to focus on all our personal resources in one place and in this way to achieve more.

However, the goals are not always useful. The goals are bad and good side, in this article we will talk about it. We will divide the article into two parts. In one part, the choice of using goals in your life and the difference between using goals. I hope you find this manual useful.


1. You will save time. Rather than wasting time on lots of different things, with the help of goals everything will go faster.

2. Concentrated energy. Anyone who had no goal, lacked energy because he did not know what to focus on energy.

3. More joy. By using goals, you must have something to focus on. You must have reason to hope and something to be excited.


1. It's possible to underestimate the time for your goal. If you make bad food at the time required to reach your goal, you will experience great disappointment.

2. Wrong goal. Many make the wrong goal, and do not change, even if they do not like it anymore. Thus, you lose time for important tasks.

3. Failure. Many people are afraid of failure. Although failure is not wrong because you can learn from it. However, it is a reality that any goal can lead to failure.


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