The Power Of Self Development

Let me share a story that many millionaire shared with me back in 1998. This story changed how I saw the world and inevitably my life. For you wondering why you can not go further in life, you might want to keep track of what I'm going to share with you. I've always been hard to work. I was never late to come to work and in most cases the last was going. It seemed like no matter what I did to avoid my employer, never enough. At this time, when I met a very important mentor in my life. Still today I do not know why this guy was interested in me, but he did it and I'm so grateful he did.

From the first day I met this person, I knew I was having fun. He told me I was someone and that I was special. I had never been told about anyone. Not even my parents or teachers had told me it ever. When someone makes you feel good about who you are, doing something for you. It gives you confidence in trust. You feel like you can move a mountain or stop the river just by encouraging words to be published. Wow! Oh, what a feeling.

One that this man shared with me was the power of self-development. I mentioned him how much money I did in my job and he said it's not all to pay, and I told him he was wrong. He then said no, that's all they pay you. I know they pay more than you. I told him he was right. From that day, I did the best to do what I could to improve myself, I could do better for myself.

The person told me to pick up all the books that interest me and participate in each course that reached my peak. Yet to this day I have followed the human advice. I have seen my confidence with my income. I've gone from no one to anyone. I'm truly believing that if you can believe it, you can get it. But the only way to get to where you want to go is with an independent development. Nothing else will get you well there. He also said that your earnings can never understand your knowledge. No true words have been spoken.


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