The growing importance of speed-reading and effective reading

As I'm sure everybody knows already, our society is now based on information. Most of the information that flows to us is still introduced to us in writing. The server used to provide information to us has changed dramatically over the last 20 years. We now get a lot of our information online or via email. The speed at which information is now transferred between people is one of the biggest mutations that contribute to too much of our information.

Unfortunately, most of us have not increased our reading and maintenance prices to match the increased rate of information provided. Indeed, some of us are still terrible slows readers and we find that we can not continue reading our daily readings.

Here are some quick tips that can help you understand why reading speed and retention is not as high as it should be. If you have trouble reading at a reasonable rate and keeping what you read, you could decide. Fasting in reading is when your eyes stop by letter or word while you are reading. You may be interested in knowing that the average person will fix four times per line on each page of the book.

The good news is that your brain does & # 39; see & # 39; and win the information outside your edges fix focus. If you practice, you can find pace and flow in reading and read at constant speed. With an average view, you can see and work ten to twelve characters at a time.

It can help you think of reading as some kind of "choose and choose" # 39; functionality, where you can choose to read the words and phrases that are important for understanding and dropping over the web. Linking words like & # 39;, & # 39; & # 39 ;, & # 39; & # 39; and & # 39; are & # 39 ;, can attach you to minutia. If you are reading word-by-word, you will probably be stuck in small words that do not give you much information for your effort.

Train to read faster by forcing timing. For example, if you were a runner and you were training in the race, you would go out and drive every day and you try to improve time and distance. You can do the same to your reading; Set a timer and run a train ride every day for two or three weeks. You do not have to spend more than five or ten minutes a day during this workout. You can get frustrated at first because you can not read as fast or remember as much as you want.

Still more important than becoming a "Speed ​​Reader" is the goal of becoming an "effective reader". An efficient reader is a reader with purpose. An efficient reader knows what it is that they want to get out of what they are reading and they might even have some questions that they hope the book will be able to answer.

An efficient reader focuses on ideas, rather than the words and perspectives of the ideas presented in the book or article. As they read, the effective reader will be spiritually & # 39; sort & # 39; The information to determine what is important and what is not. They focus on only important or fascinating information.

Efficient reader reads at a steady rate. They are not & # 39; undo & # 39 ;, or return to read again. They do not hesitate over the line and wonder if they have had little information. Efficient readers know how to adjust their reading speed to emphasize a particular critical area or to prevent sudden interference or interference that may affect their focus.

In other words, effective readers are reading consciously and & # 39; and are therefore aware when they need to increase their focus so that they do not lose important information.

When you sit down to read an article or book, try your understanding after each reading session. Mentally challenge yourself to remember as much as you can about what you read only. Again, this is a skill that will add to the exercise.

Remember, it's important to improve your reading speed, but not at the expense of reading your understanding. You must find a balance between being an effective reader and a speed examiner. Reading 2000 words in a minute is not going to do anything good if you have no idea what you are reading.

With exercise, you can improve both your reading speed and your understanding. But you have to practice!


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