Success, personal growth – 4 useful tips to increase your mind

The key to success and personal growth is to increase your mind. You need to work in all areas of mind – your inner strength, your knowledge and your ability to process information. This article discusses some useful ideas that can help you better process information.

Improve Your Memory

How often do you go to a room or just go to the store to find what you want? Better short-term memory can save you a lot of time and effort. Here is a simple trick that has been around the Roman Times.

Take a list of things you want to remember and link them to something you know. Also tie in some strong emotions to reform the image. I use the rooms in my house. Tell me I want to buy coffee, bread, milk, sandwich and newspaper, I'm going to my house.

Coffee would go to the bedroom (I love a cup of coffee in bed!). Bread in the kitchen (I realize the smell of fresh bread). Milk that is a little harder than I put it in the living room with a sandwich spread, sitting in my favorite chair eating the sandwich and drinking a glass of milk. My newspaper would go to the garden as I read it on a sunny morning.

When I get to the store and it's time to remember the information I have stored, I go for a spiritual walk in my house and look for what I need!

I hope you get the idea. Next time you need to remember a list of things, try this tip, it really works! Start with a short list of 5-10 items and work up.

Increase your motivation

When you find yourself inactive, talk through your own plans. When you do this you are connected to the motivation and excitement you felt when you put the program together and your brain will personally remember this positive condition.

Talking to yourself can help you sit up or stand up with your head and smile on your face.

This is easier to do what forces you to refresh, or review a lot of positive confirmations. When you find yourself forced to change you, the mental situation can be like pushing a large mountain on a big hill! It's better to move on and take another easier way around the problem.

You can also use this technology with others – refresh them by getting them to talk about something they really enjoy and / or are passionate about.

Read faster

There has been a lot of writing about speed reading. It can help you increase the rate as you learn new information.

What I find is that a lot of books contain pages because there is some new information. I just want to get what is said to make sure I do not miss anything.

My favorite triangle is to read the first and last sentences on each page and quickly expose some subheadings. If it looks like there's nothing new, I'll go to the next page.

If it seems like something new, I've read the first and last sentence of each paragraph on the page until I get what I'm looking for.

Simple, it takes a little bit of effort to apply, but you can cut down the time it takes to hatch nuggets of new information in any book you read.

Sharpen your mental math

So many fight for numbers, to understand if something is good or not. Practice mental account. It takes some effort not to reach the next calculator, but the prizes are huge.

A lot of what we do in this world is described in numbers – sports statistics, bank details, business decisions, investment decisions, what is an agreement and what not. The ability to work with numbers quickly and easily is a powerful asset for everyone.

You have read about four useful tips to increase your mind. Ways to improve your memory, increase your motivation, read faster and sharpen your mental math. Choose one and just enjoy yourself. When you add your mind, you will feel better about yourself and more confident about your abilities.

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