Success and personal growth – Refuse to accept a defeat

Learning that everything is a potential opportunity requires personal growth that leads to success. When things do not go as you like, or how you organized it is easy to hang your head in defeat. But you can not really be defeated if you refuse to take a defeat. Defeat is only possible if you give up and no longer try to succeed if you want, if you give up and refuse to do the actions that will succeed as you like.

You can not succeed as you thought you would, so what's important to get there. Nothing is impossible and everything is possible if you just find the opportunity. Every anxious adversity holds a nugget that leads to an equal opportunity. It's your job to discover these nuggets and use them to move you forward.

When you refuse to accept a defeat, you agree to full responsibility and responsibility. All the results you experience today happen as a direct result of your actions. You are the only person responsible for your actions. So when you find results that are different from what you want to experience, it's up to you to identify your personal growth potential that will change your actions, so you get different results.

You can not continue to do the same things and expect different results, but people do it everyday every day. If you want success you must be different. Being different means that you must evaluate all your actions and understand why you have obtained the results you received. You have to ask yourself what went well, what did not go well, things went wrong, what can you do differently in the future in a similar situation, and what needs to lean to prepare for the next opportunity?

If you are not successful now, it just means you have a personal growth that has to happen. You will never experience this growth if you give up. Refusing to receive a defeat means that you have passion, perseverance, desire and determination to continue no matter what happens. As you learn why the outcome you do not want, you know it much more about what you can do and learn the success you want.


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