Spiritual Growth – 4 Personalized Growth

There are four important aspects of development that we all need to take care of. Jesus experienced a full and healthy disciple of discipleship with his parents and all the instructions that he may have received by attending a local synagogue. One thing is certain that Jesus was kind to his gospel. The status of personal development is found in Luke 2:52:

And Jesus grew up in wisdom and experience and in favor of God and men.

This chapter shows something of Jesus & # 39; personal and spiritual development. He was only twelve years old when he was discovered and discussed the law of lawyers. Jesus went four ways:

a.) Jesus grew in the material.

The disciple's purpose is to produce people of spiritual material that may belong in the name of Christ. When you are a human being, you have something of value to say and to others who are heavier people. Jesus grew up in wisdom, which means he developed intellectually. He had something to give to others. Wisdom comes from the Greek word sophia and includes both a lower and a higher image of wisdom. The lower image of wisdom is a person of wisdom and understanding of life, but the greater form of wisdom comes from the father above, it is pure and expired. Vertical or heavenly wisdom separates life from God's perspective. In context, Greeks were known to be "smart men" but, like Christians, we need to be "God clever".

The narrative in Luke 2:47 says, "Everyone who heard him was astonished at his understanding and his answers." Jesus & # 39; Word gained weight with its listeners. He had something to say that bought life and value for others. Do you get people's ears? When you talk, get your audience's attention? You can not gain respect for the world without the substance of life. You must develop correctly so that you can have something worth telling. Others should attract your message.

b.) Jesus grew in an experience.

Jesus developed his nature and felt more mature than most of his adolescents (twelve years). When we reach a certain age, are we working and living in line with what is expected at this stage of our lives? For example, the apostle Paul says, "until we find the unity of faith and knowledge of God God of God, perfect man, to measure the fulness of Christ so that we can no longer be children…" (Ephesians 4:13) -14).

Size has a physical increase, but it also has to be a concern in accordance with our spiritual age. Jesus far exceeded the spiritual expectations of those who were around him at the first age. He was sitting among the spiritual elite at the age of twelve, bowing to them with his wisdom and knowledge of the Bible.

c) Jesus grabs spiritually.

We need to develop the spirit of our human being; this is to be "a smart man". Jesus grew up with his father, which means that he had the attention of God. Jesus was a person of divine presence. He spent time knowing the Father. Jesus was met at the twelve-year-old in the temple hall and spoke and wondered as scholars and lawyers.

At the earliest age, Jesus was able to discuss and talk about spiritual issues with people who sent their own lives and lived on the law of Moses. Jesus was mentally and intellectually able to keep his own balance among the great teachers and scholars. Was Jesus just a weird child or a model of what a normal person should be? I believe the latter. In other words, Jesus developed talents to share the Scriptures of early age.

d.) Jesus increased socially.

We need to develop socially; It's about being "people smart". Jesus developed people's skills; That's why he grew in favor of man. People probably liked being around him and he watched people. Jesus learned how to deal with people and became what we today know as a "person." He had people skills and was very fond of and loved by those who hit him. Jesus was not socially inconvenient in any way. He understood the social function of his culture and integrated well with his family, friends and society as a whole. Even those who would become later his worst enemies were treated with dignity and respect when Jesus was among them. Social development is an important aspect of disciples we can not ignore.


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