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Vital of every person of self-esteem is his development of value. In accordance with this, everyone is fighting everyone about a place where he is called as his "owner". & # 39; Nevertheless, when we try to find this place, we should practice some ways to achieve this goal.

I'm not yet a psychologist (but soon to be alone, hopefully), I dreamed of helping those in need of support in terms of personality development, value of formation, and the like. But as I feel very keen to make them come true, I had to discover that I myself need to look for the goal of my life.

I collect strength from reading books of all kinds. From these winnings, I agree that I do not see one. Indeed, in this reading I learned how to be stronger. I develop a sense of who I am. During this trip, I also realized that life is not about the victories we possess or the ranks we achieve in each school exam. Further, I've realized that life is about how we build a reliable character – that is not the type that is easily broken.

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We tend to look back where we really came from – our families. Needless to say, but since we all have different backgrounds / culture / ideas / morals, we attach more attention to a message to appreciate who we are based on how our family works.

I watched it as a general, who developed me into discipline (I believe), I look at it and usually hear from my parents the importance of this strong foundation. As I grow up to be a young professional at 21, I think it's necessary for this generation to be aware of the effect of creating a great family member.

For parents, it's never too late. Numerous families can be broken now, but as long as there are family members willing to add each other & # 39; lives, it's definitely never too late.

For children who feel like it's their parents & # 39; bugs on why they ended up like this or something, well, just the same thing – it's never too late. When it comes to building their own families, they should imitate the good ways of their parents, as they throw away the negative.

Determining Strengths and Weaknesses

As we continually flourish, we always try to show an ideal. In this ideal, things now come to strengthen the best in us, as we determine weaknesses that prevent us from growing and learning.

At this stage, based on experience, I think it is necessary that we consider our whole as a human being. We may lack some clicks that make us scandal. But come to mind, we still have attributes that enable us to stand out from the rest. All we have to do is recognize this and catch a vibrant energy flowing from within.

Self-assessment does not have to be expensive. Indeed, when we carefully weigh your own pros and cons, we must earn. Yes, we make money – not money, but self-inspection gold money we unknowingly send to our own accounts in life. In return, we deliver all of our experience with these accounts, which enables us to quickly reduce the savings we have made.

Cool, is not it? We unknowingly roll our personal growth into a range of opportunities that lead to lasting memories. All of these have their units in the process called self-assessment.

Continuous Travel

According to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy needs, we all turn to self-esteem. After achieving basic needs (oxygen, food, shelter, etc.), we will have a short time. We get nervous, feel lonely and ignorant of what we lack. We deliver the thoughts that immerse us in untold doubts and fears. We want things that we think are unreasonable. But in the end, all we want is satisfaction.

Self-confidence involves not only material wealth – many authors have already written, and indeed much more. But they did not lie when they said that real happiness comes from within. Again, from experience, I can confirm this. After all the conquests at school, I'm still jumping on the success that only time and experience will come with. As I go through time, I pray that this fairy tale and ministry will return an inscription to another " lives. I think it will not be long, as long as I thought I was happy to come from the simplest pleasures, I will not be lost. We will not be lost.


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