Self-esteem for personal growth

We are all looking forward to improving ourselves. That's a big part of why we're on earth. To perform and improve as individuals, and as a community and species. It's a tool I've started to use, and by using it, I get great results. This tool is self-esteem. I do not mean just standing in front of a mirror and looking at yourself, I mean something much deeper than that. Let me explain.

Self-esteem is taking a step back and looking at yourself, your results and your life from another angle. It's like looking at your body from the perspective of the great self. As you look at this new perspective, ask yourself: "Am I living what I want? Is this a success in line with the goal and purpose? Am I pleased?" What are the answers?

If you do not get the results you want and do not live the life you want, I suppose we will agree that things need to change. To change the results, what do you need to change? What is successful? Actions cause success, emotions and feelings of selected actions and thoughts cause emotions. This is the sequence that results in the results you get. When you think of deficiency, it gives you a negative feeling. Now it's a negative feeling you're walking around by causing you actions that are not in line with your goal or purpose. For example, if you are on sale, thoughts send out that there is a lack of sales along the way, you are not making enough money, it gives you a negative feeling. You may feel stress or disappointment. Whatever the matter does not feel good. Now that you are dealing with customers, you may be a bit conspicuous for fear of not getting sales, or you can stop advertising because you think there is a lack of money. These features are not what you want. And I bet you can see where it's going. These features give you results that are absolutely not what you want. So how do you change these results?

Start by changing your thoughts. Think yes yes, but you have to do more than that. You must keep an eye on what you want your results to be. When you do, it gives you a great feeling. This feeling surrounds you, puts you in a good mood and your actions are considered by it. Your customers are in love with you! You start making more sales, and the results are what you're looking for, you're finally achieving the goal.

Make a new goal, step back, see what your results are and compare them to what you want. Make changes. When you reflect yourself is your self-esteem too. Self-esteem is a way to see you in a clear picture, you can make better and better decisions. You can see what needs to be improved, and new ways to make those improvements become clear. When you begin to apply your own thinking of your life, see the results with your first hand. You must love this idea. And you will continue to improve and improve yourself. And live a fulfilling life.


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