Relationships – The Fast Track for personal and spiritual growth has relationships!

Relationships can help us grow personally and spiritually, if we want to. They provide many challenges for us to deal with and are there before fasting personal growth in life.

Never simple, they require us to locate places we have never been before and may not want to go to. They push us to see where a change is required and as we need to spoil a part of ourselves, we have not yet discovered.

Many relationships do not bet the storms of life. This happens in part because people are not committed enough to work on and change themselves, and in part because they do not have personal or spiritual growth as their primary goal.

When the situation is strong, it's a normal response to go to the next club, just to find a moment that the same problem turns his head because the teaching was not learned at first and Growth has been pulled. We can not escape from us for a long time.

If we think there is always a higher purpose and positive lesson for us in all that happens and we become curious to look for positive learning and willing to integrate it into our lives, relationships can truly enrich our lives and others .

They can provide a wealth of information about how we live, whether we are in integrity, what is very important in our lives and how to find and connect, your own inner power and spirituality.

Being with others helps us understand what we really believe, what kind of person we are and whether we like what we see or not. We learn about our negative behavioral patterns that need to be transformed.

Relationships can lead us to our destination. For example, someone who has "love" as one of their top values ​​can see if they really are talking in their relationship and growing as a spiritual person.

Are they responding to love every day, or pulling those love and offering anger instead, when they are upset? If they are working on love, maybe their challenge and the growth of the lesson will keep their hearts open even if they seem to shut it down.

At the spiritual level, we attract the one who is our teacher in some way, as we are for them. This person has offered to check certain conditions for us to help us grow.

Usually, what happens is that when they have a certain way that forces us to look at ourselves, we turn and teach them for it, because we do not understand the underlying significance of what is happening.

However, we only stumble in the past. Taking responsibility brings us forward in a more positive and adequate way of life.

Relationships can provide us with plenty of opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. All it takes is a willingness to adopt a new way of perceiving.


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