Recommendation for the best personal interest books

I can not stress this enough: You must encourage yourself to encourage your team. You do not encourage people to motivate themselves (or not). If you exemplify motivated behavior, then your team will! Read a few suggestions on books to help you make it great!

You can experience … A useful life
James Emery White

I was recently created with this book, and I strongly recommend it. Pastor White does a great job to remind us that our calling to serve the Lord can come in many shapes, sizes and colors. I think the biggest thing I learned from this book is that you do not have to be a priest to serve the Lord and make the difference in the world. By concentrating on serving the Lord, as the title says, you can experience a meaningful life. I know it has definitely helped me concentrate on my energy on the right things, instead of just things.

21 Essential Leadership Capabilities: Becoming Leading Others Will Follow
John C. Maxwell

From Review:
Why Encourage Someone To Follow Others Leading? Maxwell sees these 21 essential qualities of leaders of these high-level practices such as character, charisma, commitment, communication, ability, courage, differentiation, focus, generosity, initiative, listening, passion, positive attitude, problem solving, relationships, self-discipline, servant, teaching and vision – and defines them in a way that readers can absorb and use.

I can not say much better than that. The way Maxwell breaks down leadership qualities in easy to understand character qualities is quite great. The character is what defines leaders and these signs are what the person has. A must read for leaders in any position.

Now, Discover Your Strength
Marcus Buckingham

It's great to read a book that helps you find what you are strong in and encourage you to work to make them stronger instead of work against what you know and are good at. You must purchase this book to take a personal survey. Great follow-up to the first broken All the rules, and one I encourage everyone who is not sure where his strengths are. I would encourage you to even buy copies for each of your groups so they can take the StrengthsFinder exam.

Five Patterns of Unusual Careers
Spencer Stuart

An amazing book about how to stand out from your peers and have a better career. My favorite thing: It's better to ask forgiveness because it's asking for a prior authorization.

Who moved my cheese?
Spencer Johnson

Of course, what book list was done without this book about change (or is it just about cheese?) Another book that's worth listening, but also worth reading.

7 practices of highly successful companies
Steven Covey

Another must be in the lead of your library. If you read a lot of books, you're practicing one of Covey's habits, "sharpen the story." I'm also looking forward to reading about 8th, but I have not chosen it yet.

How to Think Like Leonardo da Vinci
Discover Your Genius: How To Think Like A History Of Ten Most Revolutionary Images
Michael Gelb

I've met Michael and he's so up to date their. Learn how to think more creatively and be artistic (yes, it's important no matter what your position or what you say family or bosses)

The Brand You 50
Support for Wow!
Tom Peters

Tom Peters is my new favorite author and one that encourages me to work on many new projects in 2005.

What should I do with my life?
Po Bronson

A book that tells us it's ok NOT to know what you want to do and even the people we think are completely satisfied can not be but we also have our own happiness, it all depends on how you focus on it. Buy paperback because it has 7 new stories!

Rhinoceros Success
Scott Alexander

This was recommended by my last manager and is incredibly quick to read. It's all about leading and sometimes it's time to make unpopular (change usually) to make a difference and stand out as a leader. Be rhino!

Advanced Rhinocerology
Scott Alexander

This book is a nice sequel to Rhinocerous Success and I used it a lot. Some things reminded me are that leaders are often attacking from all sides and it's important to watch your own back because often no one else wants.


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