Proper nutrition for muscle growth and fast recovery from training

Getting proper nutrition while trying to catch muscle is important. If you do not give the body the tools you need to recover from workout, it can not grow. You must give the correct combinations of foods and plenty of them to see the fastest muscle gain. Training is for stimulation, it is proper nutrition and rest that grows your muscles.


Protein is the main element of your diet that is essential when building muscle. It should be the basis of all meals and snacks. Your body needs plenty of protein every day to grow a new muscle tissue.

Aim at least 25g of protein with each meal, the better. The protein should be a complete source such as chicken, beef, egg, sauce, fish and milk. Fat

Fat plays an important role in muscle building nutrition. They provide energy and calories to fuel muscle construction. They also assist in the production of hormones in anabolic muscle that you need to utilize new muscle tissue.

Fat should be healthy, this means eating plenty of olive oil, nuts, butter, coconut products, dairy products and fatty acids.


The only carbohydrates that you need to consume when filling up your muscle mass are fruits and vegetables. All other carbohydrates out there will not assist in any way. The nutrients found in vegetables and fruits go far beyond other carbohydrates out there.

Eat a lot of fiber vegetables with all your meals. Eat fruit mostly in the morning and after intestinal activity, this is the only time your difference really requires extra glycogen. The rest of the time will get you energy from fat.


There are some additional ingredients that help to increase your muscle tone and overall health. However, supplements are just a part that should give you little edge and should never be fully trusted to earn interest. It is quite possible to get a lot of muscle mass very quickly without using expensive supplement.

The most effective addition to use is fish oil, creatine and whey protein. These are the only ones you need. You should not use multi vitamin supplements as this will only stop eating as many vegetables and your body can not win all the vitamins at once; leading to expensive urine.


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