Personalized Spiritual Growth – Taking Time and Asking Questions (Part 2)

In two parts of these short articles dealing with personal spiritual growth and the option of asking good questions, I recommend (again) that you:

  1. Find a place to relax (if only for a few moments) 19659003] Do what you can do to slow down,
  2. Ask the Lord to talk to you,
  3. and consider the following questions and related thoughts.

You should find this to be simple, but not simply "gushy" and short, but enough to be meaningful.

You know that like Christ followers who pay attention to the scriptures can help us:

  • Review perspective
  • Be refreshed with God's overwhelming grace
  • Verify Our Dependence on Jesus
  • Get
  • With that in mind, the question is: Am

    • Challenge of my thought,
    • Release my feelings,
    • With the mind, the question is:
    • And bring all things to the Lord in prayer ] Do you inspire my imagination,
    • and attack my personal life with its presence?

    Personally, I love my prayers.

    Nothing fancy here and certainly nothing new. Just simple, step-by-step moves combine with Jesus.

    I need to do this because there's always too much to do, right?

    These paths break into my world and allow me to stay in touch with anyone who wants to invade my world, but often I'm afraid to prevent a door with an unclear sign of what says: " Too busy To be in touch with you, sir. "

    Yes, I'm sure you know the question: How is my life now? Am I busy, misleading or unambiguous to pray?

    Should this be with you – as it's too often with me – try this simple exercise.

    Write down the two biggest obstacles that stand between you and the life prayer you want:



    Now write down one creative solution to begin breaking

    one or more of these obstacles so that you can continue your personal spiritual growth.



    May the Lord bless you in the process,



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