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Sometimes we need these words or words of inspiration. This can be in the form of well-known common people living in a public office or just someone in a story we now know as fame, giving them the fame and honor for their work or masterpiece.

Personal Growth Tools, for all your personal growth needs, offers it a few words of encouragement that originate from those who are well known or at least to get there. Some quotes are old, some are new. They seem to hold true values ​​in the long term, over time.

Quotes about personal growth. This has been a while, I'm sure you'll recognize some of them. Match them, share them.

Here are some.

Lee Iacocca said, "So what do we do? Something. So long as we just do not sit there. It might be too late." – Lee Iacocca

James Bryant has said, "Look at a turtle He was the former president of Harvard.

Eagles said it as much as we listened to:" Do not let the sound of your own wheels make you crazy. "This was one of the best his laws and we can take our attitude determines whether we say the truth or lie, act or deferral, advance or withdrawal and in our own discretion we decide whether to succeed or fail. "This was spoken by Jim Rohn .

"Keep away from people who try to reduce your hopes. Little people do, but great things make you feel somehow great." Mark Twain's famous words.

"If anyone is going down the wrong path, he does not need incentives to speed He has needed education to turn him around", spoken by Jim Rohn.

"The resistance you fight physically in the gym and the resistance you get into life can only build a strong character," said Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Hope is the matter with feathers. It sits in the soul and sings the song without words, and does not stop at all. ", Spoken by Emily Dickinson.

And last but not least of famous quotes. "The definition of success is becoming a lot of money that can buy and all that money can not buy.", Who could have done this better than Zig Ziglar.


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