Personal Growth With Faith – Be God's Imagery

Is it possible to imitate God? How can plain mortals come somewhere close to living with an immortal, eternal, divine being? This is our great faith. The lowest man on earth has enough of his divine spirit to imitate the Father's glory. Whoever created us also abandons the faith that can be sustained and expand far enough to take us to the heights of saved glory. But how does this work?

We have in us the seed of righteousness, which, thanks to the sacrifice of Christ, gives us the same right to glory as he had. We are also God's children and heirs to His Majesty. A mature Christian looking for the highest level of faith does not have to limit his search. He has the right to expect a "full measure" of the love of Christ and wisdom. This means that we are not satisfied with selfishness, but we are prepared to sacrifice everything for the sake of Kingdom Kingdom.

To begin with, pure spirit is necessary. "Among you may not be an indication of sexual immorality or any kind of dirt or greed, because this is inappropriate for God's people." (Ephesians 5.3). Paul is talking to the faithful and loving church of Ephesus, who already knows the work of the Spirit and promises of their salvation. But he writes this letter with a view to encouraging them to aim higher in his religious life. He encourages them to be united and to seek true morals.

This attitude of pure morality is not the appointment of all men and women, but the recommendations of those who have been chosen by their special ability for love to achieve a higher spiritual life. To imitate God, one must first and foremost defeat all the passion of the flesh, and secondly, emphasize the heart and mind of the Spirit's spiritual hope-love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, mercy, kindness, self-control and faithfulness and described in the previous book, Galatians.

The award for this higher plane of faith is God's armor, closer to the Ephesians, which protects the user from "devil's systems." This is a reminder of our purpose of imitating God in the first place, being his allies against the forces of darkness. The great purpose of these special warriors of God is not their own selfishness, but to be the final boundary of the war against evil.


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