Personal growth with contact

Multi-task, overshoot and rush are considered an ordinary part of life. We fill our days with all we have to do. But all this is about more stress and our bodies can only handle it a lot. This stress and strain builds up toxins in the body.

What gives out drugs?

Many today are starving. Do not starve in food or water but starve for human contact in the form of physical contact. This means simple communication that takes place between people. Hugs, holders, or even the touch of your arm is a way to cure us that is unimaginable by doctors. The body desires a touch that says we are not one in the world.

What does it do?

As long as the form of affection is comfortable for you and the other person, it brings comfort and a sense of being loved. It increases your self-esteem and helps keep your feelings connected with others healthy.

How does personal growth affect?

Touch is comfort and courage. The contact is both relaxing and powerful. While it looks like a dicotomy, this strange combination is what helps your personal interest. It helps you to achieve better results and success because you are safer. You feel better about dealing with your life because you are better able to cope with them. This is the value of the contact.

What additional benefits are in a physical relationship?

Contact has the ability to help others and not just yourself. Although you can touch your own skin to give your physical touch, touching another is energy divided. This factor and common experience makes life better for all the parties involved. Our need to touch is not a will, it is needed, and when you share this is increased courage, trust and knowledge.

What kind of physical touches are good?

This depends on the relationship of those involved. Touch of hand or arm is a way to share simple contact with a foreigner. Some families touch the forehead for a while as a way of society. Hand shakes can be replaced by acquaints. Then there is a very strong physical touch, called hugs, it is usually reserved for close friends and family, but is something that can be shared with others.

How can this help with personal growth?

In all these cases, chronic free kick or two (as long as everyone is happy) can increase feelings of comfort, safety, health and self-esteem. These are all aspects of personal growth that help you achieve the goals. Now share a warrior with those you know.


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