Personal growth – why it's important

Why is personal growth and self-sufficiency important, not just for certain individuals who are committed to growing, but to everyone? There is a question that needs to be asked and answered. Sure, it will make a nice little article to read, but more importantly, the answer affects our planet.

When we are fulfilled worldwide with violence, hatred, prejudice and illness, it is important to see why this is so. It's even more crude to do something about it.

Now it is impossible to change the world, or even change some others. Have you ever tried to change your partner or child? Has it worked? No, of course, it does not. It is certainly a lesson in frustration for those who have tried it.

We CAN change ourselves and thus affect worldwide. Do not believe it? There is real proof that this is true. The proof comes from a research institute called Quantum Physics and the Law of Attraction, which is described in the recent sculpture The Secret . The songs of attraction work whenever you know about it or not, so you could also use it to make your life better.

The law of mathematics has shown that everything is made of energy. EVERYTHING. Thus, even your thoughts and wishes are energy, ie. not physical realities that have not yet been defined in the physical state.

What means that what you focus on your thoughts creates your reality. Well, these are good news and bad news. The bad news is that when you think about what you do not want or are afraid of or dislike, you live more of it in your life. The good news is that if you emphasize what you want, it comes to you in abundance!

Like attractions like. You've heard this before, I'm sure. In other words, your thinking connects a similar energy. If your thoughts are positive and happy, they attract others who are positive and happy. Either, those who are not happy and successful around you will go or turn into more positive energy.

I'm sure we've all experienced this. If you are around happy people who are still in their lives, you tend to find happier and more content too. They are fun and easy to be around.

However, if your thoughts are negative, filled with anger or fear, you will attract more of the same in your life. You must even affect people around you to be more negative or terrible. Have you ever experienced being in someone's companion who constantly cited or criticized everything? How did it make you feel? Not very good I'm sure.

In order for the planet Earth to be positive and healthy, we need more individuals to raise their own vibration for positive, great healing. If we do not make this important issue in our lives, our world will not recover and will continue with the crises and problems that flow our news reports every day.

I know that, for one, I want to live in a world that is healthy, enough in every way, and surrounded by similar people. We understand all this and need to be responsible for our energy and how we influence others. Therefore, personal growth should be a priority in everyone's life, not tomorrow or next month, but now.

© Arlene Holtz October 2006


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