Personal growth, use your invisible power and pursue your dreams

Have you ever asked yourself: "What do I really love to do?" In most of my life, I have not even given permission to ask the question, let me answer it and write it down. For 15 years, James and Mary Craik became my patients. I am a dentist. They were older couples and for many years I just had a dental relationship. When her husband became weaker with a pulmonary embolism, she began to explore and develop her artistic side by painting watercolor images. She shared her dreams with me.

When she was 80, she recognized her talents with paintings. One day she discovered it. She immediately knew that this was her passion because she had been watching since 5 years old. Color, patterns and themes exploded from her mind to the cloth. They were wonderful. All this happened in his home. She needed more space. As she and her husband spoke more about their art, they both knew that he did not have much time left. He told her to buy an old building in a new development center near the city center. He said to her, "Just go for it!" Then she began to investigate the purchase of a 150-year-old three-story brickhouse that needed 100% renewal.

Soon after her husband died, she began the purchase, completed the renovation and sale of her home to move into the questionnaire's new art area. She had a contractor and many assistants. My question is, "How many 80-year-old women do you know, who while you're sad to lose your husband, start a new adventure like this?" All artistic talents flourished and exploded in the Louisville, Kentucky art scene. She has many artists. She has won numerous art prizes for her art. She has three additional improved art spaces within her building. She has a lot of space to show her art.

Mary loves what she does. What do you love to do? Do you say, "I can not do that?" I'm too old. I can not afford it. My wife did not allow me to do that? During my age, my friends would all laugh at me. I'll wait till I have more time to do it. "Imagine if you do everything or any of these statements you will never do anything you really want. It's time for a new life. Use your invisible power, your mind. Show what your heart desires. Keep that in mind. Keep it there, use the vibration of your favorite attractions. Be aware of the environment and take action. Use your invisible power and pursue your dreams.


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