Personal growth – Three fingers of the court

While I'm officially retired, I play taxis for my kids, trundling their children back and forth at school and other schooling as well as various and diverse family activities. We are a nuclear company with all of us involved in the lives of all children as teams. Sometimes I give up a moving library chair when reading or listening to music. Sometimes we come across some very interesting discussions, ranging from cartoons to human behavior to the universe and elsewhere. It was like that with my children, and so is it with my grandmothers too. Recently like I was doing a school bus run we had a debate to judge the actions and attitudes of others. Something my sister said many years came to mind and helped to show the conversation.

I am a student of grammar and philosophy and meditates what happens to me and others most often. One of my favorite thoughts is to take seed thinking, one word or phrase that sets my mind to wander and wonder and puzzle it through as working meditation. Some reflections are silent and you sit responsibly and wait for a full consciousness to fill your mind or just rest in its comprehensive permanence. Some reflections are targeted, types to reach a certain extent. Still other reflections are active, such as repetitive mantra, active prayer or programming, consciousness or consideration as I described above. During my academic years, I have done all of them in one form or another once or another. Nowadays, I think I'm working my way through meditative meditation, especially with one thought or theme.

I do not think it's possible for anyone to go through life without being rude, no matter how deep your intent or how hard you try. As I live and progress, my experience will lead me to make and opinions. These results and views can be perfect for me, but it does not matter to others. Should I choose to be honest, convinced, loyal and responsible and a ton of other great qualities, that's my choice for me and for my experience. Again, it does not matter to others. If their experience has led them to be other than those attributes or not to evaluate those attributes, they will not evaluate or recover my so-called "sterling" features. Why? Maybe they do not know how or they simply believe differently. If I take these qualities, I admire and try to cool others in these qualities or pull those qualities down the neck, or if they do not believe in them as a way of life, I would make mistakes in personal judgments.

Why naive? If I put unrealistic qualities on a person, though well wise, I am putting an unfortunate fall of grace for that person and myself as a person who becomes unhappy with the fall. We are not in this world because we are perfect. The earth is a very big classroom with lots of lessons. It would not be a good idea to be in an upbringing school if we did not have an experience. We are here because we are going to school, to grow and become, to improve and develop. If I'm a student in life, I should never be placed on a stall. Neither should anyone else be placed on a stall. Why? Because sooner or later the person on the chair is going to fall off that platform. Think about this logical. There is no other policy to leave the bag under "off". To put somebody on such a stall is set up for potential failure and inevitable imitation of reviews.

A few years ago I helped a friend with some difficulty thinking about lying. Somewhere along the road, lying up with those friends, you can not imagine the chaos that followed. Revenue was loss of a spouse, family, child, home, all that, and it was devastating. That's when I learned that some people were awake differently, but I was not in a position to judge them as individuals. My friend was resurrected by liars to be a liar as a way of life. How can I, resurrected by people who raised true values ​​in the art, have an open mindset, but not to judge those who were not on their way? I do not declare that others have Carte Blanche to do what they want. I can be as scary and scary in human behavior as anyone else. I take a place where I think it is justified. But I was not born to judge others or set me up as a perfect example of life and life. I have to learn to walk in the middle between inspection and judgment.

This is incredibly important in the political arena today as I listen and watch hypocrisy, lies, misdirection, misinformation and many other descriptions that are most pronounced. I'm not involved at this moment (though I have a side and I believe you already know that it was the side where the truth is). I'm just pointing out how the judgment of our society has become. Whether you are right or left, conservative or liberal, moderate or ultra-fired or politically tired, we as a society are so diverse that we lose the ability to contemplate and negotiate good faith.

· If I suffer from lies and aggression charges, I will judge those who do actions accordingly. It does not matter if my feeling about victimization is legitimate. If I feel victims, my conclusion will be that it's really going to happen to me.

· If I feel I have the right to shoot the opinion down someone else's neck, that the end justifies the way and that it is okay to lie when necessary, I have gone from the conclusion and opinion and judgment. My attitude and actions would not make me right; they would make me loud, confrontation and bullying, maybe a liar.

Life can not be lived without consideration and conclusion. When I wake up in the morning and decide if it is or will be a wonderful day or dud that is my personal opinion and outcome. When I decide what color or suit to wear on that day, personal opinion and outcome are the prevailing. Personal opinion and outcome is the necessary outcome of life and life. Those who are unable to reach conclusions or form personal opinions would have been disabled in this world. By saying that such findings and opinions are natural. Right now, the line is being judged? It should never be necessary for us to take the next jump on the assumption that what we think or feel is right for others. That's the line line.

As a mentally motivated person, I need to look at this quality within me, as you need to look at that quality within yourself. Have you noticed that what you judge in a person or their actions appears in your life almost immediately after your judgment, are you only one who performs a similar brave? Actually, the farther you progress in the development of your mental self, the faster as a personal example occurs. Chagrin comes with it. All we can do is observe, take it as a spiritual dick from the universe and learn from it.

When my grandchildren and I were discussing the Ministry of Justice, I reminded the analogy that my sister used so many years ago to point the finger of the court. She thinks you should not go around to point your finger on others because if you look at your own hand you will see three own fingers that return to you. Experiments … keep your hands up in the air by telling others what to do. Look at your index, pointing straight to the man, the thumbs up in the air like the hammer on a gun, the three fingers screwed against your palm. Your hand forms roughly a weapon that reduces your words and your judgment. It is no wonder that people are uncomfortable when on the planned day of judgment. You were never named as the head of this world with the right to force your personal opinion on another. You are here to go to school, to learn to grow and become, the same as each other.

Look back at your gesture. Where are the three curled fingers pointing at that moment? Your simple phrase finger is pointed to another, but the other three fingers of the referee are bent so that they point right to you. With a simple, possibly rude judgment of others, you are actually judging three times … or considering offering three judgments against you. Think about this. Thinking would be good.


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