Personal growth, the lottery you always win

If my memory serves correctly, I've only bought one Lotto ticket in my entire life and it was for my mother-in-law. Even though I only bought one lottery ticket, it does not mean I have not won the lottery.

I'm a student of self-help and personal growth and I've actually won the lottery in life. I do not understand why anyone would buy tickets to win a million dollars when you have only less than one in one million chance to win the big jackpot.

When you're a lifelong student learning self-help and personal growth, you naturally make sure you win the lottery of life. When you give your mind good information and thoughts, you will work something out, if not all of the following.

1. Better relationships. The more you move your knowledge and communication skills, the better your relationships will be.

2. Better health. Good health is not just physical but also very mentally. Doctors are treating their patients more and more about how healthy mindset will make a healthier body.

3. Make more money. If you spend even 30 minutes a day to learn ways to improve your financial situation, you'll have significantly changed your financial situation within one year.

Buying a ticket is nothing but paying extra taxes because you are stupid. I mean thinking about it. Who would invest in something with profitability with one million opportunities on any return? Only stupid people do.

You do not control revenue when you purchase a lottery. When you train your mental health with self-help and personal development, you have 100% assurance that your life will improve in some way.

Think about it if you water and fertilize the garden, is not it always better 100% of the time? It's the same with your mind. Do not be stupid, it's simply and simple too expensive for you, your family and the community.

Do not be a victim of folly but be your creator destiny. & # 39; What you focus on grows


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