Personal Growth – The Key to Your Success

"The change is the result of all true education. The change involves three things: First, dissatisfaction with self-esteem, nausea or need, another decision to change – to fill in the invalid or need, and third, a conscious deduction to The process of growth and change – Intentional act of making the change; Do something. "Dr. Felice Leonardo Buscaglia.

Personal growth is a process related to self-esteem and skills. It directly affects the amount you are willing to stretch yourself cared for, strive to achieve excellent health, pursue your goals and certain purposes. It's all about improving the overall quality of your life. Personal growth is not without work, it requires effort, as the following steps are necessary: ​​

o Request for change

o Decision to take action

o The course to practice new behaviors you have decided on .

o Determination of persistence until you achieve the desired results.

As I say from studying physics at secondary school, firstly, it says from New York's three laws that : " It may be at rest and that an item in progress tends to be running at the same speed and in the same direction, except forcing some external force to act otherwise. "

The above principle is not limited to the esoteric world of science. It has a comprehensive application and directly affects our psychological response to problems. Performance and willingness to analyze problems and administrators are the right solutions in the group of necessary skills for effective personal and professional leadership.

The main thing in Newton's first law is that the change never happens unless someone does it. Jim Rohn, US philosopher, explains that almost anyone can refer to a simple statement: "Changing you need to change." "To get better, you'll be better."

In order to commit to positive changes, you must be dissatisfied with the current state of affairs in your life. In such interruptions, no restructuring obligation is at all weak. Once you get a lot of dissatisfaction with your state certificate and anomalies, it becomes an impetus that drives one in strategic direction.

Another prerequisite for change is to believe that you can really matter. This is where many people lose their nerves. As they contemplate the strength of their circumstances and the obvious inadequate abilities and resources, they conclude that there is nothing to test. The truth about the matter is that you are loaded with gifts, experiences, talents and talents that you can make a difference.

The benefit said, "Weak men wait for opportunities, strong men do them." If there is a change in the fact that you need to make it happen, do not just wait for the opportunity to be created, create one for the expected change and it will happen to you. There is no better time to start this trip than now. As stated by William James "To change their lives: Get started right away, do it flamboyantly and without exception."


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