Personal growth – the importance of friendship

As stated, "Many heads are better than one" jives with this statement. It points out the importance of making a lot of friends to gain more knowledge, learn to deal with other people and get some tips from them.

"No one is an island", another chapter that shows how we would become if we were alone. No one should lean on, no one gives us guidance, stop us and later lead us to be isolated and desperate.

Friendship creates an atmosphere of hope for our future role in society, how we interact with our peers, how our behavior reflects what we gained from our relationship with our environment.

As a kid, I was resurrected in the county, especially on the farm, where I had the most communication with the sounds of birds singing in the trees, the kids harmonized the sound of the night and other animals around us.

I could imitate their voices that when they start singing, I have to sing and do it too. Meaning, who is your partner all your life, it would be your behavior all your life. For me. I would have been the same with birds and animals in their attitudes and behaviors.

When I started school, I realized that I learned another section of my life, from my teachers, classmates and people in urban areas. I saw how people interact with others, smile when they meet along the way, shaking hands hugging each other.

This kind of new remarks I received from them made me aware that human interaction is important to me personally. I need to get input from my comments from people I mixed up with.

There are lots of lessons I learned from making a lot of friends while I lived in school. This study I bought bought me to become a friendly boy, and who met me along the way, I always rejoice in the same way I respond to them.

If I had been in town all my life, I should have compared to the animals and the birds quite similar to my behavior and beliefs as they do.

Finally, it's important to interact with other people, interact with them, learn from them to become worthy while you're on the go to grow up. Creating more friends would make you a real person because you can get great wisdom from different kinds of people. You can get from each other characters to pick up what you learn for your own growth.

Thus, you become a person with respect and dignity and those around you will always treat you as a person with authority.


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