Personal growth of a new site – You do not have to be late!

Life is full of dating. Some are important and some are not. Most of us do not take it seriously when we are late in some bids. We often hear these common excuses, for example, "It's okay, I'm just running a few minutes later" or "Other people will be late, I'm fine" or "just call away if I'm late" etc.

Are you aware of being late will really put a block on your personal growth?

You do not have to be late. Prepare to arrive 15-30 minutes early in all orders so people will acknowledge: You respect time and time.

When you take time, take it seriously. This is a deal between you and the other person. You do not want to break the contract.

You may need to ask, "But I can not always be on time! Because of the unpredictable factors, I sometimes need to organize the command", I suggest the following:

First, let me know that you need to take responsibility by apologizing to the other person because you are going to violate a verbal contract, which is also a deal. Secondly, you must try to negotiate a new contract that is a new appointment that can be 15 minutes later. Third, you would like to thank the other person and do it really (time).

If you handle commands this way, I can guarantee you to stand out of the crowd. People will respect you more because you take responsibility to honor your word and you respect both time and time.

Remember: What you do is what you do!


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