Personal growth occurs when you leave the Comfort Zone

Personal growth comes from opening ourselves to change. But a change for most of us is difficult. We are much more likely to have the familiar and immune system that leaves our comfort zone. Although it is not good for us, it is familiar. It is this skill that is difficult to overcome the uncertainty of the new one.

Here are some thoughts that keep us from moving forward:

1. Think too little. How much better would it be to imagine more?

2. Need to control the production. It is not known how things turn out, but many are stuck.

3. Our reluctance to want to play it safe. The game saving will keep us from taking any risks with ourselves.

How to move out of your comfort zone:

1. Trust that you do not have to control the output. Rather be open to calculating what the situation requires.

2. Remember, most of us have much more potential than we are using.

3. Think "big" that definitely deserves more for yourself.

4. Accept the virtue that the challenge of taking risks comes with awareness of losing knowledge.

5. Be open to new possibilities.

6. Begin with small steps as you add more steps and life will start to change.

7. Rely on your inklings that hurry to expect more of yourself because that's all you're waiting for coming out.

Mary had been bored and dissatisfied with her job for several years. She knew that her job no longer had intellectual pleasure and she was afraid to lose stability and knowledge of her work. When Mary agreed that fear would hold her back, she decided that she would start looking for a new job than employed. It was awesome for her, but she also knew that new options could not be pursued by holding her into a life that felt depressed and boring. After living through uncertainty, Mary was finding a job that was again stimulating and demanding.

We all have control over our lives. It is up to us if we stay familiar or take risks by increasing our personal growth.


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