Personal Growth – Never Stop Learning and Growing

As a recruiter, I come into contact with candidates and business people who teach me something new every day. The lesson I learned last week is that I should never stop learning, but drink all the information anywhere in print, audio, tv, online, bathroom wall, wherever I can swallow new information, I've swallowed up better it. I now realize that I never want to get to the point of life because I'm stagnant and no longer on.

I met a candidate for a few weeks, which I thought would have been fabulous for a particular position, but the manager felt he was too advanced in his job. The reason he thought he might be too advanced is because he was older and the level of senior candidates facing them is that they are too old to learn new technology. It was at that point that I realized that I could better keep my information running through my gray case, or else I could grow stagnant myself. This was called for me, ah-ha the moment, if you want.

You see, it was time, not so long, I frankly thought that one day I was perfect in my mind. I know it sounds arrogant, but let me explain what I mean by "perfect". I thought I would find out that I was emotionally mature because every word that came out of my mouth would be filled with wisdom of wisdom. Every thought that came to my mind was directed from God and all the actions that I took were perfect energy and exactly the same action that God Himself would have taken! I'm not sure where that mind came from, but enough to say, it was a thought that would put me in a mental tailspin every time I said something of color, not in line with the word (ugly words included) Egypt responded completely Contrast the way I should have responded. When these "failures in action" occurred, it would put me back in square meters one, almost like seeing "student's mistake in 3rd grade" on a report card. Then I had to start over to try to restore what I already knew. I did not even think of my career and progress in new technology or processes until last week when I realized that I would learn and improve my dying.


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