Personal Growth – My Top 5 Techniques to Find Peace

There are many methods that can help us find peace of mind. It is important to work with these stable ones. The key is to put away time every day and work on your issues constantly. Below are 5 mins favorite exercises to find peace of mind.

1. EMF Balancing Technique – This is my absolute favorite, and the most effective way to free stress. There is a way to balance the energy area. When I have a big deal in my life, it's the first thing I do to give me an EMF parliament. I feel inner peace and quiet immediately. In addition, I give myself a meeting at least once a week and sometimes even 2 times.

2. TAT (Tapas Acupressure Technique) – This is also a powerful tool for your toolbox. I use this to work out to express beyond feelings related to certain events. As I go through the TAT step, it almost feels like a giant magnet that attracts a lot of mental and emotional pollutants from my body and takes them away and dispose of them. Sometimes the shift can be instantaneous and sometimes it may happen within the next days or hours.

3. Haha, Oponopono – This is an ancient Hawaiin system. According to this, we have issues because memories reflect in our subconscious minds. We have many tools to clear memories in our subconscious minds, go to the bottom of the page and cure the matter. I love working with the tools. They are all very easy to use and also have great results.

4. EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) – This consists of tapping certain points on our bodies while thinking about the matter. When we recycle energy flow through our meridians, experience a healing.

5. Radical Forgiveness Workshop by Colin Tipping – This is one of the most amazing tools I've come across. I use this to work on my issues because I have to forgive someone. The beauty of this work is that you have to fill out an actual workshop. As you write through the steps in the workshop, you will find the change and will actually have to forgive the other party or at least forgive in part.

As I said before, the key to repeating peace of mind is a consistent daily exercise to work with at least one of the tools.


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