Personal growth – maximize your potential and use it or miss it!

You probably heard the expression, use it or lose it. If you've ever started an exercise program, play a musical instrument or participate in sports, you just know how true it can be. Muscles implement without constant use and condition. Skills and technology decrease without exercising. Remember and decrease fade when it can not be accessed on a regular basis.

There may be times in your life when you were very good and profitable for something you can no longer do with the same excellence or qualifications. Changes in your life moved your energy away from certain actions. You started developing new hobbies, bringing new opportunities to develop skills and abilities that you could not know that you had. Activities that have been occupied have been set aside, sometimes sometimes and at other times to life. That's not enough for everything. Energy can only be directed to so many goals at a time. Options must be reduced. Choice must be done.

Nobody can be best at all. You can be good at many things, but there's a limited number of things you can invest yourself time and energy into. And that's what uses your talents, gifts and talents, needs investment in your time and attention. as a commitment.

This is where priorities and responsibilities come in play. What is most important to you? Is something something you want to be proficient in? Do you want to upgrade the talent you used once? Is there something you miss that you want to experience in some way in your life?

Are things you have nothing but doing? How can you best develop and grow in these areas? What can make it fun and adequate for you?

Remember that if you use it, whatever it is, you tend to get incrementally better in what you have to do. Sometimes people give up on something that's new and challenging before giving it a chance. Thus they stop doing what is necessary to help them get better. Sometimes people stop using what they have developed and make it worse or smaller. And that may be okay. There are some things we all need to let go of to make room for new things in our lives.

We are constantly growing and ever changing. There are so many ways we can expand and develop beyond our limitations. We can experience so much alive and grow in a new way. We can use what we have and in discovering it more. We can find new and unexpected storage of unused gifts and abilities within us. We can be our best in everything we put in our hearts and minds. We can find life again. It's a world beyond the horizon we have yet to discover.


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