Personal growth – loving your ego

"Death to the ego!" I heard this war crimes, so common in personal interest rates, several times in recent days. And every time it went to me very sadly. You see, what I judged did not understand did not die. No part of us describes dying. No part of us describes being dismissed … or fragmented. All of our parts have value. All of our parts are worthwhile. All of our parts are capable of growth and transformation. Of redemption. Many writers and psychologists would believe that the self is an internal evil that must be cut off, stamped out and killed before we can proceed. "Ego," I read that day, "is the biggest – and sometimes the only one – the barrier to true enlightenment." Not only is this view, it is harmful.

Certainly, the self or "little self" can stand in the way of our development. However, it still does or is still part of our greater self, our unity. By God God, even you define it, is made up of all pieces of us – dark and light, evolve and not. God is not just the work we like or would rather. When we use phrases like "death of the self," we rely on the act of hate and self-death, which is not divine at all. How can we call unity in one breath and destruction of ourselves by ourselves? How can we proclaim love like the energy that creates and cures everything when we preach hatred to ourselves? If your arm is broken, do you cut it because it's now useless attachment? Or do you allow to cure, warm your love and energy because of the weakness of the situation? The idea is no less to describe care and no less capable of healing and transformation.

I passionately believe that we are called to love, honor and honor all aspects of our being, not just those that are in the right and light way. We live in a castle culture, throw out something that's broken, a culture where imperfection is punished and iniquity condemned. What have we become so far away from us? The thing is nothing but awesome, less developed factors in ourselves, a childhood game that is threatened with changes that it does not understand and pass thus, often disturbing.

It's in many ways like a terrible child. We do not kill our children when they are not divine when they are afraid and react. We assure you, we love them, we love them. We guarantee that they know they are safe.

With these compassionate divine activities we carefully guide our mistakes and promote their growth and development and to our own. Our call is to do the same to the self. Talking about killing, eliminating, defeating or controlling it is the contradiction of Christian energy that we say we seek to show. Some may respond by saying that these are only words that nothing is really killed. Maybe. But the language is not random. We choose our words, and these words show more about what we think and feel than we often realize. If we use words like "death" and "kill", it is truly the consciousness we are predicting. One unit is also conscious, one that can not flourish outside of us if it's not the first thing inside. And it can not prosper within just rejecting one part of itself.

Once upon a time integration. Preaching the death of self is the opposite: incompatibility. The only way to give up is the love party. And the only way of charity that has some value is the way that begins with self-love, the love of our own-the wounds as well as the leaks, afraid and fearless, the darkness and the light. Loving it does not allow us to be responsible or hold us back. It's free to have a voice, to express its fears, to cry for help in all she knows how. That same love allows you to embrace all your parts, to celebrate the world ugly, hurt, wrinkled, the childhood / ego childhood, and live the fullness of divinity and divinity that includes all aspects of life.

I believe in you, in every part of you, and I love your darkness and your light. Are not you going to do the same for you?


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