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I am in the 1970s to be a personal growth teacher, speaker and writer. Not only is this my job, it's also what I read the most, talking involuntarily with my husband and friends and it has experienced the significant approach I take to raise our children. Personal growth is even what I do for fun, because of the sky, sad as it may be understood to some extent. Along the way – thanks to my organization, hours of customers and personal experience (read: mistake!) – I've started to spread what the essence of this trip is for me and to distinguish it from the big industry of self-changes offered to us in bookshops , workshops and treatment rooms these days. Here are some things I want to put directly. I hope they help you ask the goat, have the trip and have more fun.

• Private growth is a process of emergence, not reform. It's not about miracles or changing yourself to what you are but to let go of the safeguards you've inevitably set up between you and reality, including between you and you

• Your role in this trip and in This universe is a creator – not a bride, not an applicant, not a student. You are giving life purpose, not finding it

• The goal of personal or spiritual growth is integrity, not kindness. We are going on self-denial to be more real, not trying to be perfect (anything)

• As such, being on a spiritual journey leads to being more vulnerable, honest and capable of face painful truth-not better, withdrawal and sure of our justice. It should allow us to sit completely awake in our lives and relationships rather than encourage us to float over them

• There are many ways of experiencing and expressing ourselves as people are. The chosen way of navigating is with joy and being in close contact with divinity, but it can be equally valuable to choose religion, suffering or nature as a way. Do yourself and other pay by not expecting them to grow exactly the way you have

. • Personal growth is not about making an impressive or successful life, much as it is how it is often sold. It will always be part of your life that contrasts your wishes and no amount of confirmation or enlightenment is changing because the opposite is the currency creation. The masterpiece you are creating are you, not your life

• Interdisciplinary experience, yummy as they are, are not enough for a true change. Without turning your self and your past right, possess and experience all your experiences and pain, no meditation, maximum spiritual experience or positive thinking for this subject is going to truly move you in real life

personal growth is not a linear, organized method of marking certain fields and then coming to a finish line. As the Westerners look like our goal of everything, including our spiritual, the development process has its own rhythm, its own grace and its own timing, which must also be observed and honored.

• The graceful way to grow (anytime, it's time to forgive or make use of or strengthen your intuition) is to show that it is clear and regularly allowed – whatever you can whatever is available to you – and then listen to Life & Response # 19; the answer is

• It's time and place for teachers (whether they are strategies, mentors, friends or writers) and it's also time and time for the conversation to be between you and yourself or your divorce, without a third party

• Judge workshops, treatments, books and teachers with the effects they really do not have about you or what they happened to be: is it strengthening, energy, love? I feel inspired, real, convincing, respected here?

• The most important thing is that the teacher / writer / mentor considers me equal and thinks I'm really my own way better than he or she does?

• Nothing special is required, required or required for personal growth, and there is no urgency or rush. Think twice before trusting teachers who tell you

• Likewise, there is nothing on earth that you are obliged to do to live a full, conscious, happy and meaningful life. Your purpose lies in what you become, not the job you do, the success you get or a good job you take

• Every athlete knows that it is as important to rest the muscles that you want to strengthen like it is in their use. Private growth is the same. If you are in a cycle of workshop, treatment or self-help literacy or feel what I call for better fatigue, take a break. Focus on walking or poems as a device for joy, or paint your symbols for that subject. Nothing is spiritual and nothing is unthinkable unless you do it (see another shot!)

• Have fun with your spiritual life! Play it rather than work on it. Be aware of your defects, your case, even your purpose. You can not make light in the world by being heavy, no matter how noble or spiritual it may appear.

Does personal growth ever end? I do not know. Many of us have experienced being in a place where there is no more drama as we take absolute responsibility for how we find and react and where the underlying of everyday life is real joy. But is that the challenge, the risk, stretch? Oh no! It might well be the beginning.


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