Personal growth – How to discover yourself and grow from within to achieve your dreams and goals

If you feel frustrated with the inability to do what you want in your life or are discouraged because the opportunities pass you and you find yourself behind the game. You need to take a serious look at the picture. You need to take a few steps back and look at things from a broader view. Take into account all factors and activity of the situation. Where are you in life and how did you get there? Think about it.

Are you used to teaching your life to others for missing an opportunity? Perhaps you teach yourself yourself? Well, where your flame lay, stop what seemed! ……. It's time to rebuild how you think and get rid of the luggage that prevents you! All blame and negative thinking (blame is always negative!) It's not good and these thoughts are the ones that keep you from continuing and continuing with what you want to do and be. I do not doubt that there have been events and issues that have occurred and either they were not under your control. I understand that things beyond our control always happen to everyone, not just you or me. That's how we deal with and think about these issues and events as well as the people in our lives that's important.

Are you a victim of a situation, are you the winner of endless challenges? I can tell you why neither thought is good. Let me explain with an example of someone I know; ….. It is a person who was not very grateful as a child and he held this bitterly negative victim within him. He desperately tried to do things correctly and should not be like the father who had been careless with him. But when he married and became a father, he found himself doing the same things and behaving in the same lord his father did. Perhaps not to the same extent but bad enough for your own disappointment and dissatisfaction. He could not control how he responded to ordinary everyday issues that would arise in his family. The more he saw, his father became more hated, allowing the fine to consume him and eating him so that he just got angry and his behavior became more cruel.

To escape his turmoil, he turned to medical medicine and drank alcohol. He fed his self by gaining praise from others. He did not feel very good about who he was. He did not know that unconsciously he had to believe in himself. Because he lacked faith in himself, he sought other people's opinions. Sometimes he was beyond being able to fix it, the fines he felt for what he had done in family life and the anger he felt in himself, he did not know how to change. He did not know where to start. He wanted something different but did not know what to do to get there. Then he left, …. stopped him. He left his family and his life. Moved to a new place thousands of miles from where he had grown up. New environment and new relationship. But it was not long before the same old way came back into his lifestyle and after a while he also left.

This was how it went for years. Relationship by relationship, job after work. For if he could not get the praise he needed and wanted from the workplace (he was used to treating himself very well because he worked so hard to get the praise he desired), he would simply go and start fresh somewhere else. This was how it was for twenty years or more. Sometimes he ran out of places to go, as he could start to fresh. He had organized his profession from years of burning bridges and changed places throughout the country. Oh, he was good at what he did, he had worked so hard, he even had it. But few were willing to take a chance with one who was not only older and more retired but also unstable. Have not been able to stay at work for quite a few years. You see that he had focused so much on his resentment toward his father because of the poor treatment and behavior that this thinking idea went over to other issues and people in their lives. He had a historical list of a lot of people who had wronged him and died of his success and or destroyed relationships. He never held responsibility, never assumed responsibility and taught everyone else under the sun where he was in life ….. mostly his family.

He was determined not to be like his father, but he ended up more like him than he would be. He looked out for others to praise him for both the lack of praise he grew up and the inability to think well about himself because of his own self. He sent his life to find his way when the answers were always there in front of him. He did not have to go far, or run away from the past, he did not have to start new relationships and jobs to fix his life. Looking at for a quick party is no fix at all; it's simply running from reality. Things in life are not perfect. There is no person who is perfect, no one lives a perfect life with daily problems or problems. There is no perfect job, wife, husband, parent or child … era! It's you ….. Do you know who you are?

Are you the one others look down too? Do you believe it when they do? Are you the one who is always going out of your way to make others happy and when they are not happy with you or what have you done to crush their inadequate demands? Or trying to make one person happy, do you find that there is almost always someone who is happy with you no matter how hard you try? Are you going against your scope, even just a little to please others? Do you find yourself in an uncomfortable position with the wishes and needs of others around you? Or are you angry and dissatisfied with your life and people around you? Do you think others in your life do not understand or even know you?

Going back to the man in the story I just wrote about. He had the right desires, He would be a good father and husband and would be happy as everyone else did. The problem is that he could not shake his previous negative experience. He stressed too much about the lifestyle he successfully rejected in his own life, unconsciously … it was there and every time there was a problem or problem he responded to in the way he was most at risk . .. Because instead of concentrating on the man he was deep inside and who his true self was, he put too much of being the man he would not be! Read this if you have too; really concentrate on the meaning of these words. Think about yourself and your situation.

Do you do things and behave in a way that is not what you would otherwise do? How do you look for yourself? How can you change how you think about yourself or others around you like spouses and family members? Can you keep people in your life responsible? Well it depends. If you hold them responsible for how your life is today but I would have to say no. Meaning …. you can if you want but only if you want your life to continue as it is. If you do not want your life to continue as it is and I suppose you read this article then I would say that you should only take other responsibility for your own actions and not what their actions have made your life .

You see, there's a small thing called & # 39; fall & # 39;. You have chosen & # 39; select & # 39; to accept other behavior as your own & # 39; and therefore responsible for that decision. You have chosen & # 39; select & # 39; to allow others to make a decision to influence you. You've also chosen to "decide whether other actions are going to change how you see yourself or live your life." You see, like the man in history. You can choose to allow other methods to influence you and how you live your life, or you can go deep into yourself and discover who you really are. You know how you feel. If you feel negative emotions about how you feel about yourself then it's not who you are, but if you feel comfortable and proud of your positive qualities, this is where to look and focus. The man in history is a very good and loving person.

These are a good part of him , he loves his family and he is very forgiving and often good to people rather than bad. he is a good and faithful friend who cares for himself and he has deeply faith and honor life. Why was he lost so long as you ask? I will tell you simply ….. It was the power of his thought. You see, if you focus on the negative things like what you do not want or about fear of things or how people see you, you're under your consciousness to create it for yourself. Replacing this to the brain again and again is like self-sufficiency. Your subconscious mind has no choice but to do what you think most about reality.

Wondering why you've been attracting the same things over and over again, even when you want to do something else or change? It is simply that your daily thoughts make your perception of choosing the scenario or the most resembling what you have repeatedly programmed your brain (subconscious mind) throughout the day, every day, day by day.

Think about the importance of your conscious mind, which naturally has no power against subconscious mind. It's like the child who believes her mother when she told Santa. Whatever is programmed in the subconscious mind, conscious mind has nothing but to believe as real. It's the thought process and also why we're drawn to certain things no matter how much we want to change, so powerful …… like a magnet without management. It's also why people in different families in different societies with different ethnicity and religious beliefs and backgrounds all have and live their lives in the way they do …… that's the state of mind. If you really want to make changes to your life, you need to change how you think and how you believe. The good thing is that it can be reversed. However, it is very difficult and takes a lot of time and effort for people, those are the exception. I believe it depends on how much you want to change and how reassuring you are doing the change. Finally, it's your decision and yours only to do. Nobody but you can change how your life is ……. It's up to you to make this choice!

Enjoy your journey to find yourself!


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