Personal growth – How to be spiritually mature with 9 key positions!

Personal growth in all areas of our being is important. We are a spirit, with a soul (mind, will and feelings) that live in a body. Growing in all areas is important to live in full life.

We supervise our doctor to determine the state of our physical health and find out how to make changes and improvements. We also take tests to measure our intelligence and state of our spiritual and spiritual well-being.

How do we determine our spiritual situation?

These nine quality requirements will help to evaluate mental developmental stages and serve as a guide to future growth. They are the Bible based on Galatians, chapter five, verse 22. As Christians, we call the fruit of the Spirit. The level at which this feature is visible (or not visible) in life is an indication of the internal mental state. They offer a good food process for everyone.

9. Key Features To Assist Measure and Lead Your Spiritual Maturity:

1.) LOVE

Are the things you do in life encouraged your love for people ? Love is number one here, because the love is necessary to open the door to other features.

2.) JOY

Do you show unshakable joy, regardless of your changes? Joy is not based on what is happening around you, but knowing that your name is written in heaven. Let the joy of the Lord be your strength.


Can others take courage in your unstable peace? When you know God, you know peace and presence in your life, you will have peace that understands all the sights and is present in the midst of storms.


Do you show patience to yourself and others to what you want to accomplish? Patience in daily events allows for a peaceful life. If God can have so much patience with us, we should try to be patient with others.


Are you caring and understanding in people? Love shows sperm when you communicate with others.


Do you want the best for others? When real goodness is obvious in you, people will trust you and be safe around you. Others are drawn to this divine condition of being.

7.) Reliability

Are you a person who keeps his commitments to an end? Being confident, determined and constant in all of your obligations should be given. Without faith, it is impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11: 6)


Do you hold your strength under control and maintain balance to be strong and soft? Strive to remain equally gentle and deal with people with gentle words rather than losing your mood.


Are you disciplined to make the right decisions and go towards your goals? Self-control is important because your flesh is in conflict with your spirit. Self-control needs to work in your life to overcome negative devices.

In truth, there is no limit to what you can do with these powerful features at work in your life. Life is a growth process and we all have the opportunity to improve. Regular evaluation of these nine features will help you guide you.

The conclusion is that God has provided these qualities with us so that we can transform our lives and reflect his image. Draw a life-transforming power that God has given and show these divine attributes in your life. Choose to develop spiritually and continue to have personal growth.

Can you develop spiritually and continue to live with increasing prosperity!


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