Personal growth for men

People looking for the answer to personal growth only need to look into themselves as this is the area from which growth begins. We spend too much time looking for answers to problems that are only a heartbeat away. Most of the problems we have are our views or those things. Lifestyles will always happen and that's how we choose to respond to events that define us as a human being. The growth is about developing yourself and understanding what makes you able to mark as a person. I have found that many of my concerns have been without justification because it was how I perceived this fear that actually stopped me from continuing. Fear is for the most part our perception of something new that we do not understand.

Personal growth and understanding of yourself is not different. We fear what we do not understand and it is a choice of what we do with this sense of fear. I understand myself very well and accept myself for who I am because I have allowed myself to be sensitive and then open to everything I thought I feared. By doing this I have opened up all kinds of things and allowed my feelings to have a free range. I am a much stronger person by allowing me to become vulnerable and it is actually a signal of strength to do this and acknowledge that you are not treated. This is the cornerstone of personal growth for men in my opinion and the beginning to be voluntary. Growth through change is not as hard as you might think, I changed how I thought about things and I changed how I responded to the events of life by understanding the reason I responded as I did and allowed me to quit and think twice about other events and how I could respond. When I knew for the reasons, I controlled my reaction and changed how I looked at things. Growth and survival are intertwined in my opinion and my life began when I changed my mind and when I understand myself, this is what it means to become self-conscious. Men are not good at showing our feelings of fear of being considered weak, but I know that someone who can express their true emotional feeling especially in front of other people is a very strong and mature man who has grown undetectably.


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