Personal Growth – Discover Why Discontentual Personal Growth!

Personal growth is part of the lives of all here on earth, whether they know it or not. Some seem to be able to learn and change in a way that is joyful, but for most of us there are sad or emotional negative events that drive us to the next growth.

If life did not make us happen, most people would be in jealousy, because we do not welcome welcome changes. To change, we need to step out of our comfort zone and most of us avoid it until we have no other choice for us.

All life consists of drugs, interest, death and renewal. Nature itself shows these cycles for us. Expensive winter hibernation this winter. The seeds are planted, then grow, bloom, bloom and die, only to resurrect again this spring.

So, if you feel small but happy now, just hang there and realize that you could go through a little "death"; time to let go of the old ways you've learned from or pour out the things you've grown up, ready to reinvest you on time.

Personal growth can be inconvenient, especially when we are in hibernation, where we may feel stuck and do not seem to continue in our lives.

If we can see that we're just moving through life, we can hug our feelings and be better equipped to deal with experiences.

If you feel disheartened, maybe it's time to realize that this is normal, that nothing is "wrong" with you, you're definitely ready to change.

Like chrysalisis, you're simply asked to sit still, wait and just "be" whatever happens until it's time to come back, transformed with your experience.

Use this time to help you understand the positive lessons from your life so far. A constructive thing to do would be to record your progress and how much life has taught you so far.

A new trail will open for you when time is right, with new and exciting opportunities that lead you to the next level of personal growth.


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