Personal growth can sometimes harm – a sign of an increased soul

Personal development for some is a lifelong passion and it is never extinguished. It's as if souls encourage growth and recover oneself literally drives the individual's life and transforms everything they do in situations to improve and improve how they live in a continuous way.

This has been my experience. Since I agreed to go through the life cycle of conscious development, it has slowed my life and all the decisions I make.

The journey that takes the person to a decision to change their lives is unique to them. Many circumstances that encourage personal development of growth and souls who are crying to listen too may include:

– Death to the Family

– Divorce

– Relationship Length

– Job Loss

– Overseas Travel

The main context of these circumstances is the opportunity to make some major changes to that life. This could be a state that has been completely raised by the soul to take you to this age in life. The disaster, if used wisely, can be a true lifetime blessing.

Taking this first step to growth and change can be very alarming. All the deep dark qualities of the owner who want to control life can arise, fear, anxiety, suspicion, doubt, control, anger, dishonesty, masturbation. During these times they often wonder about just waiting for space to cover an ugly head.

Experience of your experience can affect other aspects you may experience as you change from one reality to another, and are not limited to:

– Have to be one by one

– Encourages deep meditation and prayer, even though not religious

– Increased creation, drawing, writing, painting, etc.

– Need to go a lot into nature

– Emotion for television, radio and the public, as it now seems unauthorized

– A very open heart that finds all the pain and joy in a very deep way

– Understanding of Awareness

– Confusion and At the Same Time Deep Confidence in Large Image

– A sense of sadness, even if someone has not died or a relationship ends. As you are grieving for the "old" you & # 39; who is dying away

– Finding separation from family members and old friends and not knowing why. Trust this, after some time you'll come back together if it's in your souls, and the connection is based on new energy rather than old karma. It will be all right.

– Desire to Eat Highly Healthy Food and Sensitivity for Preservatives and Junk Food

This is one of my personal experiences as I followed the path of consciousness since I was 25. These past ten years have been a true blessing and learning pathway with own trials and errors. I think it's important to share with others who may be the first to open a bug version to be aware of some of the first symptoms of the soul that improve and make significant changes to their lives.

It's very important for everyone to go through so much personal development time to understand that everything is fine. I can speak from direct personal experience that these times can be very challenging and will stretch you far beyond the one you thought you were. They are incredibly rewarding when you come out on the other side, when you have the opportunity to recreate new life, on better terms, with more love and much more understanding of yourself, your inner guidance and amazing work we live in.

Welcome to the lifetime warming of the heart and the ever-increasing journey of personal development!


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