Personal growth by reading

There are two main learning methods for people – learning from guidelines (also known as teacher-student type) and self-learning (also known as self-employment).

The main difference between these two is the medium of content: most need to have a teacher. It means someone who already knows the subject and can teach them.

The relatively small group needs access to relevant content that they can read or watch the content they want to study. They will learn directly from that source usually without further instructions.

To succeed, the first group of people needs to find teachers who are both – familiar with the content they need (or want) to learn, but also a good teacher – meaning that he needs to be able to teach the subject quickly and efficiently way. If he is not a good teacher – even if he is familiar with the subject – he will not be able to send content to this group.

The other group (automatic feature) – is usually performed as a teacher, teaching them the relevant content by using various learning methods (which they "usually" invent or develop from themselves) and turn to read or watch original source.

As the internet evolves and information becomes free and accessible – more and more people move from the first group to another. Today we can witness 10-year-old children who know it up to 10 years ago – 17 years of studying at school. All thanks for free articles, free videos and free knowledge.


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