Personal growth – Are you too lazy to improve?

Battle is found in the minds of many, battles between unconscious and subconscious. In other words, the difference between what they want to achieve, and what they really believe they can achieve. When there is no consensus between what we want and what we believe, life will be of depression, despair and unhappiness as we drink in dark, dirty water. It does not have to be that way. In fact, leaving from shining, the dark sea is easier than you could think.

The first step to get out of this dark sea & # 39; The dissatisfaction is that make the decision you want to get out . It's so easy it sounds a little silly. However, when you look around all the unhappiness that exists in the world, it is very clear that many people just do not take the first step to deciding to leave their unhappiness. If there is a desire in your heart that causes you negative feelings because you have not met it, you are not very happy.

Mental Health Professionals Talk about Fear of Change and Fear of the Unknowns (Excuses?) Many people use to stay in their "comfort zone", even though these areas are surrounded by unhappiness, poor and others unrelated, so good things. However, I believe that the reason why many live with unhappiness are laziness. I'm not talking about being too lazy to clean the house, or work as a carpenter or something like that. I refer to intellectual laziness and even beyond that – to spiritual laziness. Actually, the scriptures speak about this subject. Proverbs 6 read:

"Go to the ant, shut up, follow his ways and be wise! It does not have a boss, a supervisor or a chief, but it prepares food in the summer, it collects in the crop what it will eat." [19659002] These old words go right to the extent I'm doing here. A group of people believe in sitting in a church with a holy book in their hands and hoping for the mysterious beam of light above, which is going to save them from their unhappy existence. Most of them are honest, working men. And yet, many people think the harder they work, the harder the life is. It is my opinion that this feeling is the result of laziness. Now I understand that some of you get angry when you read this. You may be thinking "How dare you suggest to work hard in a difficult job is lazy." Well, what I'm saying is ignoring (even though we have information) that all we need to improve our lives is already in our lawn, which is lazy .

Negative thoughts that plague your life are stored in your subconscious mind: For example, habits to doubt that there is something better, a habit of believing you will fail something, habits thinking negative, etc. Changing a habit is something that most people find difficult to do. Experiencing difficulty in changing habits is why so many people simply accept unhappiness instead of putting in place the task needed to change their lives. It's a lazy one I'm referring to.

Is not that strange? There are people who are able to work 10 hours a day as a scaffold or choose fruit on the pitch or clean a home or secretary at the office and still are unhappy with investing for a few minutes each day to focus on thoughts that may benefit them .

If you are drowning in the waters of a miserable life, then your salvation & # 39; is within reach within you. Forget about waiting for a mysterious external force that will save you. This lifeline is already within you.

Everything you may need to improve your life is present within you. You simply have to decide not to ignore it anymore. Deciding differently, focusing on your good on the goodness of your life since you have current circumstances and no matter what circumstances are around you now.

Human mind is like a computer. Actually, I believe that the subconscious of man is God of God. The mind is a device that can create great things when used correctly, but when used ill, it can lead you to a disaster.

Do not miss another opportunity to learn how to use the tools you already have at your disposal, tools that your creator gives to building the life you want to live. And as the Bible says: Mars also has wisdom and does what it takes to have a good life. What are you ready to do for a good life? Do not let lazy rob you of the opportunity to be happy.


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