Personal Growth and Development – Can You Lead Your Life?

Anyone talking about personal growth and development, can you really lead your life? Well that's a good question. You may think you can change your discussion group or manage your time, but you were not born to succeed. So is the success of the gene or not? Perhaps your DNA is not okay for anything more than what you have now … I will try to answer these questions in the following article.

I think you have certain features when you're born. Looking at two twins brothers who act differently to the world – you can assume that genetic pressure has been involved in determining where you are today. Well, how big is the part that your genetic heritage plays in your life? Are you a bit convicted of failure or maybe your gents are well programmed for great success?

I will tell you a very famous example. Indeed, it is so famous that you can find memories of this image today in many parts of the world, long after its expiration (6 decades ago).

As a young boy, he was quite normal. No special signs of brightness. However, growing up – he fell with wrong companies (as he described in his biography). He began to rebel his parents. He smoked cigarettes for a quiet moment. He thought that by that he would feel a sense of orgasm – he was so much against. But it got worse.

After consulting their friends, they concluded that they are not really rebels – they should do something much more radical. So they decided to commit suicide (not much reason for it – but it was as he thought at the time). Everything was organized, but it was not committed at the end. They were too scared. As a result, he came together and gradually made more and more wise choices, during his life.

Finally, he did not only bring his own life. But also all of India for independence. Yes, Mahatma Gandhi. Who would have believed that this great man could have such a youth. You may think that the piece of the passlane is not much. But there is no need to confuse. Gandhi was not born as a great being. He was a natural person – He fought with his fears, he did his best to achieve fulfillment and made a mistake along the way. But he also made some wise decisions, and thus he gained his life and influenced the lives of many.

Finally, I believe that personal growth and development should not describe any vague idea – they should be an important part of everyone's lives.


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