Personal development – the importance of overcoming fear

One of the reasons for personal development is to overcome fear. It is at the moment that one fears fear, especially fear of failure and success, that the doors for personal growth must be opened.

Fear is a phenomenon that is responsible for keeping many of us from realizing our dreams. It's simply impossible to succeed in anything while fearing it, whether you're aware of fear or not. Indeed – fear and success are contrary to contradiction. They just do not get in hand.

One of the goals of personal development is learning how to overcome fear, what kind of fear. To do that, let us identify some of the fears that can hinder your performance:

· Fear of failure

· Fear of success

· Fear of rejection

· Public fear

] · Fear of Change

· Fear of Failure

· Fear of Flying

· Fear of Driving

And it is only grateful that if progress does not prevent the progress of personal development . Dealing with fear is so important that it takes a short look in its nature.

Each of us is born with only two kinds of fear: fear of noise and fear of falling. Anyone who acquires at some point in our lives, due to events or chain events, we now connect with pain or danger. Very often, we are not aware of fears or events that caused it, but whether we are aware of fear or not, we are still responsible for it and avoiding circumstances that could lead to a memory of the event.

Fear is unruly; The event that could have caused fear in the first place has long gone, but the fear is still. But why? The reason is that despite the cause of fear is no longer physically present, but it is alive – and often so lively – in your memory. It is deep in the brain's brain, which is less and it has to change.

Outstanding in life requires the will to embrace change. So, what makes a man afraid to change?

The first is to simply define what's about change as your fear. Are you too comfortable living in your comfort zone so the prospect of change scares you? Are you afraid to drop who you are, stop it to become a better person? Are you worried about the vacuum that could be created during a transition? Are you worried you might not like your new one? These are all legitimate questions to ask. They are also good places to start, if you are getting rid of your fears.

What's your backdrop? Is there any fear of something that leaks? If there is any comfort for you, then you know you're not alone. Indeed, millions of people do not live in their lives because of their fears.

Before you can succeed in your personal development, you need to cope with your fears. Overcoming them, one by one, has a detrimental effect on your performance. You may need to seek professional help to do it, but overcoming your fear is necessary for you.

Most people who have relied on how to overcome one fear found it easier to learn the second and third and realize that fear is due to my old age and that the event that originally chose it is no longer available.

Overcoming fear is a liberating and huge victory that deserves a celebration. To overcome all your fears is to free yourself from serving in prison.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in his first intervention, said that "one thing we need to fear is to fear ourselves", although nothing can be achieved as a county or individuals if we suffer from our fear .

What your goal is to increase your personal development is to increase your self-awareness, raise funds, become an official speaker or shining leader – dealing with fear is an English.


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