New age

New Age is a concept that has been widely used to explain a variety of philosophies, models, gift lines, books and products. It could be explained as a new way of viewing and doing things. New Age or the last 20-30 years has given us great knowledge in the form of new therapeutic methods, natural treatments, self-help and personal brochures, and has really opened our minds to a wide range of spiritual concepts.

More than ever in our history, ordinary everyday people now have access to new ideas and find ways to gain more power. They are taking action to gain more control over their own lives, but also to create a change in the world as a whole. This world we live in has a wonderful opportunity for positive changes, and many people in this planet today are making these changes. Certainly, it is suffering, poor and still a lot to do to reduce environmental issues, although new ages and new thoughts give hope for our future.

What the world needs now is love, hope and peace. The hippie movement in the seventies and eighties began to wake us up to this new time on earth. At that time, many thought that the ideas and actions of the Hippos were very "out there" or unusual. Now more and more people are embrocing these ideas and in some cases these ideas are almost mainstream. A well-known song from the hippie time tells us that the day "Aquarius Aquarius" or New Age has come.

The term "New Age" refers to many ideas that sometimes we could do everything on Earth at this time under this umbrella. Sometimes the term can almost point to some sort of separation between "us and them". Those who are or those who are not new age groups. Everyone thinks and everyone has the opportunity to create a new beginning every moment.


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