Model for the development of personal growth and emotional intelligence

Importance of personal growth and emotional intelligence.

The development of EQ is as important as IQ, especially in the field of personal development and understanding of the self.

The higher your EQ, the better chance you will be successful in social and personal relationships.

Empathy, emotional thinking, insights are all of the features measured in the EQ tests and all important in the success of communication and personal success in everyday life.

Business technology is a good psychological model for understanding the self and is often used to evaluate individuals emotional problems and emotional literacy.

In business technology, we see the self that is divided into three parts of the self. These parts of the self are known as the Ego States.

Named: Parents Ego State. Kindergarten and adult person.

Understanding these things, we can gain insight into our adult and emotional work that is so important in developing emotional intelligence!

Understanding and actual awareness are key to personal development and knowledge of the above will definitely help!

Within the business unit, the awareness of the child itself is important and I have described below some exercises aimed at opening up a part of the childhood state. Which will lead to increased knowledge and understanding that are so important for the development of our emotional lockdown today.

Ground Training

This exercise is specifically intended for people who are in the child's self-determination and can increase emotions, often when it is more appropriate to be in a full-grown state.

1. Make sure you communicate with the soil in some way, ie. if you sit or stand up, make sure your feet are fixed on the ground.

2. If you sit down, make sure you're aware of the contact at

at the bottom of the chair.

3. Look around the environment and check what you see – for example, if you're in your room, check what furniture you have in the room and what's on the wall, etc.

4. Once you've done it and really basically, take a few deep breaths and realize that you're in touch with reality, and you can also think and feel at the same time.

Exercises to solve problems, and gain access to individuals of the Adult Ego State.

This exercise requires another person, either your partner or friend.

1. Talk to your partner about the problem – they just listen. 10 minutes.

2. Your friend sees them 5 minutes to answer.

3. You talk about your fears about the problem – your only one

listens in 5 minutes.

4. Your friend responds – 5 minutes.

5. You talk to your friend about your sadness or anger about the problem – 5 minutes.

6. They respond – 5 minutes.

7. You talk about which solution you want, however, unrealistic. 5 minutes.

8. Your friend responds – 5 minutes.

9. You talk to your friend about:

a. how can you hurt yourself to reach your solution

b. how your life will change if you get what you want – 10 minutes

10. Finally, you get a deal with your friend about what you are doing – there may even be nothing –

I suggest there is a deal of change and though and a deal you can

get the way you do not want set yourself up to failure. – 10 minutes.

One hour long. The time can be shorter according to your own will and your needs. ie half if necessary.

Visualization. (Back to the Children's Day)

I suggest you did this either with friends or in a group, so you can repay your feelings to them.

Visualization as well as being a way to see what you might want is also technology to decide on again and with this particular visual perspective, the reassessment is important. This visualization should be practiced at least once a day to say a week and then sometimes twice a week for a month to reinvest the positive image you have created for you. Remember, we would all see if anything, anything negative or positive. Here we are concentrating on positive, as a positive change is what I'm worried about.

First Vision.

1. Relax – take a deep breath and take a look at how you feel,

wherever excited or relaxed. If any part of the body feels excited – I suggest

to tense it for five seconds and let it relax.

2. Imagine you are nine years of age approx.

3. Imagine somewhere where you feel happy, safe and hot – maybe your favorite place, whether it's a bedroom, your garden, etc. Imagine what you are doing – how happy you are. You decide to go for a walk – get off – when you go with you, you are very happy. Suddenly you will see a big white building that surprised you because you have not realized that it was built there. You're curious to see inside – so you open the door and look inside – the interior is a big room.

In the center of the room is a big white screen – aside there are TV shows – you see that it's a movie of your life.

So put on the screen – the camera starts to roll through the years in your life until you're seventy years old. You are at your favorite spot – you're happy – relaxed. Imagine your surroundings and your feelings. The camera starts rolling up in the current age – you're in your favorite spot and you're happy and happy – you've made changes to your life as you wanted, you're now the person you wanted to be – just take it in – find what It's to be the way you want, to be changed as you like.

Brighten your environment now. If you're in a room, clear it up. Paint it bright colors. If you're out, make sure the sun is shining and the sky is blue. You are so great that you decide to take a picture of yourself – you have a self-timer camera – you take three or four pictures for yourself: you put one on the wall, one in the pocket and one in a safe place so you can always look at it if you want.

4. Now spend a few minutes, just allow you to be and allow in how you are now feeling, being as you want to be.

After that, return to your current reality and when you're ready, discuss what you got from your experience.

Second Visualization. (other option)

What you want? (again aiming to get to the kindergarten)

You are in the green meadow next to the stream. It's a hot day – no cloud in the sky – you're very happy – the sun is coming down on you and you feel good about everything. You push your hand freely through the water and find the cold water in your hands.

You decide to walk in the meadow – you see in the distance at height – you drive up to the top and when you get to the top you look across the other side.

On the right is set water and left to the left is a small tree – you see the forest is a golden temple glistening in the sun – you are curious and decide to explore the temple – when you arrive at the temple, open the big door and there in the big The room inside is nothing but a table with a big chest of it – you notice a subscriber to the chest of drawers with a bold gold letter you name!

So carefully, but with excitement, you go into the coffin and look inside and inside, it's what you always wanted, what you've always dreamed about yourself. You gently lift up against us – you walk carefully out of the temple and go back to the fishing, where you had started and reviewed today.

Take a few minutes to find what it's like to have what you've always wanted for yourself.

When you want to come back to reality and discuss your experience with your friend.

Finally, the more you can understand and be aware of every part of your self and how one part of your self might be in conflict with one another, you will be well on your way to a flawed understanding of not only how You became so that you are at psychologically, but also how to increase the quality of your life! In fact, the personality model of business technology is a good tool for the above, increased self-awareness and your personal lock, which can only help in the world of social and personal communication.


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